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Just a guy who likes anime and video games a little too much and this is a channel dedicated to bringing entertaining content through the art of being a NoobScrub. I hope to teach my viewers how to have fun while battling in PvP games
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Aether Dreams Episode 1
A hawt, steamy dream. inspiration taken from Sagemaster1 and his Surtr dreaming video xD might make this into a series (Aether Dreams) maybe...
2019-04-10 8:56:24 PM ● 694 views ● 0:34 100.00% liked
Fire Emblem: Become Human
I SWEAR my boi Speedy sounds like Connor man, but no one believes me xD. I know this content is deviant(hehe) from what you're used to, but I'll...
2019-04-10 4:08:54 PM ● 701 views ● 0:41 100.00% liked
The kinda thing that just tickles my maneuvers
Look. at. THAT. Takin' it like a CHAMP! FEH x TWD I know I know, another Zelgius video. I recently got back into the walking dead because of...
2019-04-08 9:41:35 PM ● 9,313 views ● 1:48 99.44% liked
Interesting Wisdom
yOU aRe OnLY WAsTing mY TIme. where the gibberish is from: I was planning to try to voice this myself...
2019-04-03 9:50:51 PM ● 3,339 views ● 0:49 96.86% liked
Did I really send them home? THE TRUTH!
you were all BABYHEADS all along! I'll try to be more creative next April fools kek The April Fools vid for 2019:
2019-04-03 2:15:26 PM ● 3,409 views ● 0:17 98.06% liked
I messed up big time...
They're actually gone.... I'm gonna cri... The 1st FEH April Fools Video: Real shyt though,...
2019-04-01 1:30:21 PM ● 15,714 views ● 7:42 93.13% liked
44 ATK Heavy Blade? Panne Build of Builds Ep. 4 | FEH
Welcome to another episode of the B.O.B. series on this channel. In this series we analyze and showcase builds that I find interesting, powerful,...
2019-03-30 3:31:27 PM ● 12,610 views ● 11:32 95.54% liked
What the current state of Fire Emblem Heroes NEEDS
We need accessories to show on dragons and beast units so they can stop being nekad. Pls fix this IS, the FBI is still after me. I know I've...
2019-03-27 3:59:17 PM ● 5,432 views ● 0:32 98.21% liked
This Glitch in Fire Emblem Heroes PISSES me off!
*SNAP* Hey guys, sorry I haven't pumped out some of the planned content in a while, still sick (you can probably hear it in my voice). Anyway...
2019-03-25 3:13:42 PM ● 27,085 views ● 1:09 94.33% liked
When you hit the dab like an Interesting Maneuver
I am now a Fire Emblem Fan Dub channel and there's nothing you can do to stop me... Thumbnail image made by: Derail
2019-03-20 7:03:13 PM ● 5,510 views ● 0:07 99.53% liked