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I'm a tinkerer, programmer, and lawyer. I try to talk about interesting topics related to law and technology. Plus, you'll find various videos that I enjoy sharing. I love to hear your comments, questions, and suggestions, and try to answer whenever I can.

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What's up with Discord's Terms of Service?
Discord has updated their Terms of Service with something about avoiding class-action lawsuits through mandatory arbitration. Let's see what's...
2018-10-18 6:03:43 PM ● 11,185 views ● 1:24:08 98.00% liked
Free Speech Attorney Marc Randazza's Suspension Suspended
Randazza admitted to violating RPC 1.8(a) (conflict of interest: current clients: specific rules) and RPC 5.6 (restrictions on right to practice)...
2018-10-17 8:58:16 PM ● 8,700 views ● 10:09 99.06% liked
"Big Blue" Dildo "Pranks" Get Cops Sued for Harassment / Discrimination
The Mountainside, NJ, police dept has been roiled in a sexual harassment lawsuit over a "large, blue" phallus that an Officer allegedly...
2018-10-17 2:20:35 AM ● 12,869 views ● 15:01 93.62% liked
Freedom From Religion Foundation sues IRS over Discriminatory Religious Exemptions
The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) has sued the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS, the tax man) over the favorable treatment...
2018-10-16 5:59:32 AM ● 13,926 views ● 12:13 95.92% liked
KOTOR "remake" Apeiron taken down after Lucasfilm Cease & Desist
Let's discuss. What do you think? Kotaku reports: "“The legal fight would take most likely a year(s) and cost around 100k,” Trotter...
2018-10-15 5:00:00 AM ● 10,402 views ● 14:36 95.35% liked
Let's go over the latest major overhaul to the way streaming services pay for copyrighted music. What do you think of these changes? No-music...
2018-10-12 1:57:48 PM ● 10,024 views ● 7:13 98.79% liked
Heisman Watch Website SUED for Copyright & Trademark Infringement #WTFU
The Heisman Trophy Trust has sued alleging copyright and trademark infringement in their use of the various Heisman marks. Let's...
2018-10-11 6:03:56 AM ● 5,335 views ● 12:12 98.57% liked
Judge HALTS Elon Musk & SEC's Settlement; Requests Joint Brief
Short video! The Judge in the SEC v. Elon Musk case has requested a joint brief as to why she should accept the settlement. This might be routine....
2018-10-10 5:30:00 AM ● 8,490 views ● 5:01 94.61% liked
"Mean Girls" SUED over False Allegations
Five high school students, the School, the County, and the District Attorney are being sued for false allegations made by the students and the...
2018-10-09 3:00:04 AM ● 963 views ● 36:46 98.40% liked
Sovereign Citizen Edward Kennedy RETURNS, gets kicked out of Court!
Edward Thomas Kennedy is back with yet another Sovereign Citizen lawsuit! This time, he's filed a Complaint with the court of Federal Claims....
2018-10-08 2:32:37 AM ● 16,693 views ● 19:07 98.71% liked