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I'm a tinkerer, programmer, and lawyer. I try to talk about interesting topics related to law and technology. Plus, you'll find various videos that I enjoy sharing. I love to hear your comments, questions, and suggestions, and try to answer whenever I can.

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Who would win? Supreme Court vs. Canadian Army (In re Norton)
What is the source of a Court's power? What happens if the military decided not to follow the law? Let's see how Chief Judge Harvey handled the...
2018-12-14 7:45:00 AM ● 9,648 views ● 16:47 97.19% liked
Marriott: Breached & Sued
Marriott has been sued over a massive allegation of a data breach potentially affecting over 300 million people. * COMMUNITY! * Join our live...
2018-12-13 12:30:00 PM ● 10,711 views ● 21:23 98.40% liked
Quick Test: Osmo Pocket Dogs
A quick test of the #OsmoPocket I just picked up from Best Buy. One universal automatical color grade was set using Resolve's Auto Color function...
2018-12-12 6:06:11 PM ● 427 views ● 4:15 100.00% liked
Crytek v. Star Citizen: Case Dismissed!
#Crytek's ridiculous #lawsuit against #Star Citizen for "changing engines" was quite prominent but also quite foolish on Crytek's part....
2018-12-11 5:53:50 AM ● 18,662 views ● 15:33 97.27% liked
PSA: Do you have Fallout with Fallout? (We made a site)
We created a website to help you create and send your #DisputeResolution forms to Bethesda in the great #fallout76 debacle. More information...
2018-12-10 9:39:31 AM ● 9,152 views ● 3:59 98.16% liked
Fallout (1997)
Nintendo Gets a Clue, Kills Unfriendly "Creator Program"
It’s finally over! Nintendo has finally figured-it-out and joined the 21st century by killing their Creator’s Program, a “content control...
2018-12-04 9:23:43 PM ● 11,055 views ● 8:38 98.60% liked
The Color of Trademark Infringement
Sinister Diesel is to Dan's Performance Parts what Milwaukee is to Craftsman. * COMMUNITY! * Join our live discussions on Discord:
2018-12-01 5:07:41 PM ● 10,426 views ● 9:57 96.39% liked
Fallout 76: How to Make a Claim when they refuse a Refund
Bethesda's #fallout76 debacle continues, this time with a Nylon Bag being substituted for the promised #canvasbag. Let's discuss their dispute...
2018-11-29 9:58:36 PM ● 36,381 views ● 12:51 98.23% liked
Fallout 76
Fallout 76 (2019)
Fallout 76 Lawsuit! (sort of)
The law firm of Migliaccio & Rathod LLP has made a post on Reddit that they are looking for potential clients in an investigation of Bethesda...
2018-11-26 8:45:54 PM ● 22,408 views ● 1:19:50 94.51% liked
Fallout 76
Fallout 76 (2019)
How Lootboxes Prey on Children (and how they don't)
The UK Gambling Commission has issued a report on Child Gambling that includes a section on Loot Boxes. The BBC reported this as a "quadrupling"...
2018-11-26 10:53:29 AM ● 13,500 views ● 24:38 97.16% liked