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My gaming journey starts when I landed my hands on Western Bar handheld in the 1980s. Since then, my passion for games never stop. From Atari 2600 to Nintendo NES to Sega to Sega Mega Drive to Super Nintendo System to Playstation 1 to lots more ...I would always save to buy the next in console to handhelds like Gameboy when I was a kid etc.

Started to love the mmorpg, fall in love with Aion, Blade and Soul and lots more. Now I own a Gaming PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, DS and a few more.

Recently due to time commitment, I play mmo on mobile during commute.

Will be looking forward for new games on mobile like Blade & Soul, BDO etc. Hope you guys like my channel.

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Maplestory m - Fusing 2 Legend Emblem Weapon
Hi guys! A Happy Chinese New Year to you all! Basically I am trying my luck to see if I can get a Emblem Mythic Weapon by fusing 2 Legend Emblem...
2019-02-03 5:45:44 AM ● 1,268 views ● 3:59 81.82% liked
Maplestory m - Evan Solo Boss Chaos Zakum in 5 Mins plus
Hi guys! I did another run against Chaos Zakum. And this time round I include another buff which I miss out the last time. The Critical Damage...
2019-02-03 2:31:24 AM ● 402 views ● 3:20 100.00% liked
Maplestory m - Evan Over 1 Million Damage on Guild Dungeon Run
Hi guys. Did a latest run on Guild Dungeon after I have down 2 bosses. Its full buff left over from the boss run and the damage is overwhelming...
2019-02-03 2:14:48 AM ● 152 views ● 1:58 100.00% liked
Maplestory M - How to Power Level New Characters from Lvl 1 to 100 in 5 hrs
Hi all, with the new map and hot time, it is so much easier to get to level 100 then last time. For level 1 to 60. Go to the Sky Terrace 2 when...
2019-02-03 2:05:02 AM ● 602 views ● 4:06 75.00% liked
Blade and Soul CN 2019 - Is She Back? Spoiler Alert
The latest content from Blade and Soul china 2019. Is she back? Watch and you will know why... Please remember to subscribe!
2019-02-02 4:36:56 PM ● 129 views ● 4:36 75.00% liked
Blade and Soul - 2019 Lyn Warden Adventures Lvl 55 to 60 - Spoiler Alert
Hi guys! The content from lvl 55 to 60 is awesome! The storyline is great too! Love the gameplay of the warden. The adventures of my Lyn Warden...
2019-02-02 4:19:28 PM ● 88 views ● 4:49 100.00% liked
Blade and Soul - Lyn Warden Fashion Haul
Hi guys! This are the fashion outfit I found in my inventory after I log in for 2 years! They look awesome! Hope you all like it! Please remember...
2019-02-02 2:49:50 PM ● 86 views ● 3:26 100.00% liked
Maplestory m- Evan Solo Hard Horn Tail HHT in less than 7 mins
Hi all, after the solo Czak, I went ahead and try it on HHT! Thou the buff expires after 6 min.. I manage to down the HHT below 7 mins. Check...
2019-01-31 7:14:32 AM ● 254 views ● 3:33 100.00% liked
Maplestory M - Evan Solo Chaos Zakum in less than 7 mins!
Hi guys, for the 1st time I tried to solo Chaos Zakum and I am surprise that I am able to down it below 7mins! I have reach lvl 141 for my passive...
2019-01-31 6:36:57 AM ● 362 views ● 2:46 100.00% liked
Maplestory M - Solo Arch Mage Vs Zakum Best Skill Test
Hi guys, I have tried both skills Chain Lightning and Freezing Breath on Zakum to see which is more effective. Do watch the video to find out...
2019-01-26 9:05:44 AM ● 1,294 views ● 3:48 85.71% liked