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Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Inclusive Revisionism
Sorry for the long wait. I wasted 75 hours of my life playing a grindy game of obligatory side quests and refused to pay for the "Time Saver"...
2018-11-08 4:04:11 PM ● 5,080 views ● 26:27 98.26% liked
Rockstar's "100 Hour Work Week": Some Thoughts
I wonder if Polygon and Kotaku will start advocating against Open Borders and Free Trade agreements...
2018-10-20 5:00:01 AM ● 3,722 views ● 9:49 97.92% liked
Yes, I am a petty asshole, but I don't care. In my opinion, this is a still a net loss. Like water searching for a crack in a dam, diversity...
2018-10-11 7:33:34 PM ● 10,237 views ● 4:57 97.00% liked
American Woman Berates Mexicans For Speaking Spanish
I'm sure I will be called nasty things for simply acknowledging my in-group preferences, and that maybe Americans have a right to continue their...
2018-10-08 2:00:04 AM ● 3,322 views ● 9:57 96.09% liked
Polygon says: Lara Croft is a Colonial Villain?
If Polygon thinks any harder, they might wake up...
2018-10-01 9:00:01 PM ● 5,628 views ● 11:03 97.83% liked
My Thoughts: The Netflix Witcher Controversy (9/17/2018)
At this point, I don't think the show would be any good even if the entire cast were Polish. Let's hope Lauren proves me wrong though. Best of...
2018-09-17 5:00:03 PM ● 10,288 views ● 16:31 96.14% liked
Battlefield Vagina's Open Beta Censors "White Man"
Apparently YouTube agrees that "White Man" is toxic, and this video has been demonetized before I even released it.
2018-09-11 1:00:01 PM ● 9,749 views ● 5:47 98.81% liked
FC5's Season Pass:  My Final Thoughts
I've talked about Far Cry 5 a lot in the past, so I figured I should wrap things up after this last DLC was released. The Season Pass was pretty...
2018-09-09 10:45:00 PM ● 9,474 views ● 4:12 96.75% liked
DOOM Eternal -  I'm Doubling Down (Response Video to Shaun)
What happens when autism, dog whistles, a lack of sunlight and a dried penis are combined together? I don't know. Definitely not this video,...
2018-09-07 9:00:01 PM ● 66,860 views ● 11:29 92.18% liked
The Terminator was NEVER about Feminism
As per usual, modernity loves to pretend that old films with prominent or strong female leads were feminist. I may get some things wrong in this...
2018-08-27 10:45:00 PM ● 91,138 views ● 10:00 93.52% liked