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L naitsabes is a YouTube content creator with 34 subscribers. He published 71 videos which altogether total roughly 10.7 thousand views.

Created on ● Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/@lnaitsabes5449

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PublishedVideo TitleDurationViewsCategoryGame
2023-11-27Drunk Arthur Morgan singing | Red dead redemption 20:292Red Dead Redemption 2
2023-11-24Red dead redemption 2 | hidden dialogue at the bar1:006Red Dead Redemption 2
2023-11-15Minecraft | Fortress and Ancient city in the air5:1411Minecraft
2023-11-01Vader immortal | Vader seeing Padme0:57402
2023-10-26Assassin's creed valhalla | When horns resound1:56392
2023-10-16The Hammar of Thor by Bear McCreary | God of war Ragnarök3:2541
2023-10-16Assassin's creed Valhalla | Thor in Niflheim2:1217Assassin's Creed: Valhalla
2023-09-29Catching a crazy serial killer in Red Dead Redemtion 24:0521Red Dead Redemption 2
2023-09-22The hand of Odin by Bear McCreary God of war ragnarok4:28103God of War
2023-09-21Lullaby of The giants by Bear McCreary God of War3:3971
2023-09-14Mickey Red Dead Redemption 20:59301Red Dead Redemption 2
2023-09-11Arthur Morgan talks to himself | Red Dead Redemption 20:2051Red Dead Redemption 2
2023-09-11Saint Denis doctor amputates a man's arm | Red dead Redemption 23:0022Red Dead Redemption 2
2023-09-11Red Dead Redemption 2 | Murfree encounter0:4535Red Dead Redemption 2
2023-09-10Hidden O'Driscoll dialogue | Red Dead Redemption 20:5813Red Dead Redemption 2
2023-09-04Layers of Fear part 217:5212Layers of Fear
2023-08-30IT | Pennywise the dancing clown0:263,677
2023-08-29IT | You float to🤡0:31495
2023-08-23Far Cry Primal Cutscene with tensay and Roshani3:3619Far Cry Primal
2023-08-12Red Dead Redemption 2 Arthur standing in front off Hosea0:1578Red Dead Redemption 2
2023-08-01tollebols kvarn0:16104
2023-07-29Red Dead Redemption 2 | Building House in Beecher's hope3:5621Red Dead Redemption 2
2023-07-28Petting a cat | Assasins Creed Valhalla0:1010
2023-07-28Petting a dog | Assasins Creed Valhalla0:1611
2023-07-18Far Cry Primal | Into udamland8:23105Far Cry Primal
2023-07-15Far Cry Primal | BLOODFANG SABRETOOTH HUNT14:491,853Far Cry Primal
2023-07-15Far Cry Primal | Duel of the beasts11:27145Far Cry Primal
2023-06-19Sentius first meeting (without music) the forgotten city16:0632The Forgotten City
2023-06-15The forgotten City Suspects6:4013The Forgotten City
2023-06-14The Forgotten City Killing Sentius6:5642The Forgotten City
2023-06-14The Forgotten City Ending 212:4919The Forgotten City
2023-06-12Minecraft Creating the Wither8:4814Minecraft
2023-06-12Minecraft "PERFECT Base"13:0416Minecraft
2023-06-07The forgotten city Malleolus wins the election4:0834The Forgotten City
2023-06-07The Forgotten City flowers7:238The Forgotten City
2023-06-06The Forgotten City telling Sentius about the Assasin entering the city2:0434The Forgotten City
2023-06-06THE FORGOTTEN CITY| the election and Sentius confrontation different outcome13:4577The Forgotten City
2023-06-06THe forgotten city | This is part 634:476The Forgotten City
2023-06-06The Forgotten City | Sentia learns of Sentius keeping someone in cistern1:0287The Forgotten City
2023-06-06The forgotten City part 5 opening the temple58:3760The Forgotten City
2023-06-06The Forgotten City part 41:16:559The Forgotten City
2023-06-05The Forgotten City part 337:599The Forgotten City
2023-06-05The Forgotten City part 21:39:5018The Forgotten City
2023-05-27Subnautica Cuddlefish1:3925Subnautica
2023-05-26Subnautica: second Warper message0:2224Subnautica
2023-05-23A regular day in Subnautica0:1320Subnautica
2023-05-23Subnautica Warper attack and alien base13:4923Subnautica
2023-05-21The Forest | Intro4:214The Forest
2023-05-21LAYERS OF FEAR part 125:0911Layers of Fear
2023-05-21Subnautica: DEAD ZONE2:027Subnautica
2023-05-21Subnautica: Reaper ATTACK!0:5930Subnautica
2023-05-21Subnautica intro4:1912Subnautica
2023-05-21Subnautica: Aurora explosion1:1217Subnautica
2023-05-21Subnautica: Ending12:0124Subnautica
2023-05-13dark souls 220:0714Dark Souls II
2023-03-16Subnautica: Warper0:2733Subnautica
2023-02-04Red Dead Redemption 2 Dutch Van Der Linde speech6:1417Red Dead Redemption
2023-02-04The Watson-Scott Test23:4821
2023-01-27Visage (short gameplay)18:1143Visage
2023-01-27(If Galarius wins the election) The Forgotten City1:5655The Forgotten City
2023-01-26from the game (hatred)0:16166Hatred
2023-01-26Hatred: intro1:1938Hatred
2022-12-28The Forgotten City: (Confronting the god of the underworld ending) (Without music)33:0145The Forgotten City
2022-12-27Far Cry Primal: (Meeting Tensay)9:3713Far Cry Primal
2022-12-27The Forgotten City: (Confronting Sentius)8:02223The Forgotten City
2022-12-27Subnautica: Sea Emperor6:2443Subnautica
2022-12-27The Forgotten City: Entering the city part 145:5876The Forgotten City
2022-12-27The Forgotten City: (Confronting the god of the underworld ending)1:16:1854The Forgotten City
2021-09-24Grand Theft Auto V Trevor meets Michael7:2445Grand Theft Auto V