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Hi my name is WanderingArcher!! you can call me Wander (he/they)! My channel is about Animation and Map parts.

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I have a deviantART where I post random art.
A tumblr where I post mostly fanart of junk I like.
And a twitter I literally just made where I'll probably just say random stuff'

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Save Tonight-Lockwood and Co PMV
This is incredibly self indulgent. I made cat lockwood and co designs because that's the kind of person I am and I wanted to make a pmv with...
2019-02-08 7:10:35 PM ● 847 views ● 0:53 100.00% liked
Antpelt's death-Speedpaint
final piece: sorry that it's another speedpaint,...
2019-02-01 10:00:15 AM ● 433 views ● 4:20 100.00% liked
a drawing of everyone's favorite boy! buy it on Redbubble!: drawn...
2019-01-25 3:56:06 PM ● 527 views ● 6:10 100.00% liked
Two Time | Meme
Original by SEV (deleted) would you believe I did this in two days. This was mostly a fun experiment with editing and like. I really like how...
2019-01-18 7:32:48 PM ● 2,401 views ● 1:02 99.71% liked
Map Parts for my own Maps (Ancient Names, Mykonos,+more)
Some parts for my own maps! I'm pretty happy with a lot of these! Thank you so much for watching! Cain (finished map):
2019-01-11 6:06:03 PM ● 2,324 views ● 2:20 99.71% liked
I Like Me Better - Meme Commission
Commission for @Oasis-Angel on deviantart!! You can commission me for meme commissions like this starting at $20! more info here:
2019-01-04 10:28:00 PM ● 3,031 views ● 0:52 99.49% liked
2018 Animation Reel
Thank you all for such a great year! (I know a lot of things in here I haven't uploaded yet but they will be eventually dw!!) I hope to hopefully...
2018-12-28 11:50:01 AM ● 421 views ● 1:46 100.00% liked
Proud of Your Boy-PMV commission
this was a PMV commission for Pascalpup on Deviantart! commissions like this (and others) are available here:
2018-12-21 6:30:04 PM ● 975 views ● 0:40 100.00% liked
O' Death-OC Roleswap PMV map CLOSED (14/21) BACKUPS OPEN
oooh boy another map! and another oc map!! so let's just get right into it because there's a lot of rules. Song: Oh Death by Noah Gundersen Rules:...
2018-12-14 6:41:41 AM ● 2,188 views ● 5:04 99.01% liked
Fracture Cover- Speedpaint
cover on dA: Comicfury: first page...
2018-12-07 2:38:02 PM ● 217 views ● 5:23 100.00% liked