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I focus on revealing hidden secrets of the Bible, along with Ambient Music and whatever else.

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Kefka the Demiurge (Final Fantasy 666) Gnostic Bible Secrets
FF6 begins with killing Ymir (The whelk) to form the world and ends with killing the Demiurge, Samael the angel of Death (Kefka form 2) and Salkas...
2017-05-29 8:43:00 PM ● 306 views ● 15:10 90.00% liked
Final Fantasy 4 Decoded (Esoteric Symbolism / Bible Prophecy)
Final Fantasy 4 completely decoded. Secrets of the Mythology and Bible involved. Mainly the story of the Egyptian Gods. ED-Word the storyteller...
2017-05-28 2:39:50 AM ● 191 views ● 19:18 85.71% liked
The 7th saga (Occult Secrets and Symbolism) 7 Seals of Religion
Esoteric Symbolism and Occult Secrets in SNES The 7th Saga. Note ESOTERIC EMISSARY has moved.
2017-05-28 2:30:15 AM ● 134 views ● 8:09 100.00% liked
Secret of Mana (Bible Prophecy Occult Symbolism) Rise of Lemuria (Mother Shipton Edgar Cayce)
The deepest Occult Bible secrets found in Secret of Mana. The Four Horsemen, the Secret of the age of Pisces, the Antichrist, Return of Lemuria,...
2017-04-16 10:47:43 PM ● 781 views ● 10:01 94.12% liked
The Real Shadow (FF6) Kakashi. Zack and Cloud. (FF7( Squall is Dead
Unmasking the Hidden One. Shadow FF6, is Clyde and Baram. FF7 is Zack and Cloud. I was going to add more pictures and the song, but it's the...
2017-04-11 2:50:59 PM ● 119 views ● 3:46 100.00% liked
Georgia Guidestones Misunderstood - 500 Million Immortals enter the New Age
"Those who inherit that age do not marry, neither can they die anymore, for they like the Angels." Agenda 21 = Rev 21 = John 21 (Peter...
2017-01-01 10:13:46 PM ● 4,023 views ● 6:26 51.11% liked
MGTOW - End of Love and Marriage (Mother Shipton Prophecies)
Our current state of affairs was predicted well in advance. "Then shall love and marriage cease, and nations wane as babes decrease. Women...
2017-01-01 7:42:14 PM ● 467 views ● 8:38 100.00% liked
Archangel Michael - The Prince Messiah to Come
I don't necessarily agree with everything here, but it's a good article. This video is a BONUS, just kind of got in the mood for it.
2016-11-22 6:35:16 AM ● 1,336 views ● 7:05 77.78% liked
Body of Moses - Prince Ramose vs Akhenaten (Barack Obama) Aaron Aton Adonai 666
Michael and the Devil have a dispute over the body of Moses, meaning, which of them was Moses. Prince Ramose is Michael the Prince, while Akhenaten...
2016-11-21 6:41:36 PM ● 975 views ● 13:46 82.35% liked
Cross of Kabbalah - The Mark of Cain (Saturn Alchemy) Knights Templar and Baphomet
This is another old video from 2013 on my old channel Emerald Emissary. It does NOT contain the research about ABEL. Please read
2016-11-21 3:54:46 PM ● 2,067 views ● 14:01 78.26% liked