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Okay, so here's my channel of...stuff. Yeah... What kind of stuff? Well, stuff I've been working on for quite a while now. Things like music (both originals and covers), videos, and all around stuff I can post on here. Maybe show off a few things I get my hands on in the near future. You never know what you'll see here in my little corner on YouTube.

Mostly, I'm a fan of many things, so you'll see what kinds of things that I like and what I work on right here on this page. Now...if only I could finish half of what I started...hmmm...

Care to chat? Contact me at:
Skype: XMLeaderX2012

I'm always up for talking (when I'm not working), and willing to answer questions you may have. =)

UPDATE (November 23, 2012):
Sweets and Sweets Galore: It's actually done!!!
Project Chronicles: Stay tuned...

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Finally!! I really, REALLY need to keep releasing more content.... ANYWAY!! I have my rendition of Undertale's BoneTrousle for you all today...
2016-02-12 5:29:30 PM ● 1,965 views ● 2:33 96.15% liked
So, I decided (after waiting 5 years to do so) to finally release a track that was in the making back in 2010. This was supposed to be a follow-up...
2015-09-05 7:15:20 AM ● 669 views ● 2:30 100.00% liked
So, I have yet ANOTHER instrumental for you all. This one is "My Past Is Not Today" written by Daniel Ingram and performed originally...
2015-08-16 5:43:08 PM ● 675 views ● 3:29 100.00% liked
After not uploading anything in like...forever...I finally have uploaded the first of many instrumental previews that will be available via BandCamp....
2015-08-14 4:47:38 PM ● 1,896 views ● 2:15 96.15% liked
Here is my entry for the PTS Episode 7 contest..and...I was having a hankering for doing it anyway. XD Obviously going to credit a few people....
2014-12-12 2:13:58 AM ● 1,900 views ● 3:36 95.35% liked
After a year hiatus from YouTube, I have finally released something. Yay me!! Seriously, though. I shouldn't wait so long again. It comes with...
2013-12-29 2:07:03 AM ● 10,305 views ● 4:24 97.50% liked
Featured in EqDaily - http://www.equestriadaily.com/2012/11/vocal-music-pink-bowtie-before-ponies.html Finally! After working on this thing for...
2012-11-22 10:43:12 AM ● 8,821 views ● 3:25 99.35% liked
Featured on EqD: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2012/07/vocal-music-i-am-no-hero-lunas-lullaby.html Finally, I have a fan song made. This is my...
2012-07-07 1:08:23 AM ● 16,918 views ● 4:59 98.37% liked
Okay, so here's my shot at doing a part in this song. I'm not exactly sure that it's open, but by jove, I gave it a shot. The song is originally...
2012-05-02 5:10:32 AM ● 2,794 views ● 2:56 100.00% liked
SONG DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?dbfd5nu00bkgp7g Yes! After 2 freaking years of doing pretty much NOTHING on YouTube, I finally...
2012-04-09 3:04:29 AM ● 4,592 views ● 3:16 100.00% liked