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About Romalian

Who is Romalia?

The name Romalia was taken so I did Romalian instead. Throughout the internet, it's the name I mainly go by since it sounds original and I like the ring to it. I will admit that I did get the name from Arc the Lad II, who had it named the main enemy base. One day I was trying to figure out a name for an MMO and I was sitting back trying to think of something original since everything was taken and that's what I got.

I am an avid gamer of mostly RPGs, and a collector or classic games as well. Some of my favorites include: Star Ocean 2, Ys: Oath in Felghana, Final Fantasy 9, and the Xenosaga series.

Currently I TRY to upload new songs onto the "Top RPG VGM" every third day, and I try to make the music as various as possible, to keep things interesting. Why do I do this? I love RPGs and I love music. A lot of the times I get music just randomly stuck in my head and it came to me that I should just... upload them. But at the same time, it almost interests me to try new games.

I am a hardcore RPG gamer. I've beaten well over 100 RPGs and I own far more. I am a huge collector from SNES, PSX, and PS2 RPGs.

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