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Hardcore/Sweaty gamer. You are either a DiirtyyDave or a pin head Larry. Palms are sweaty, wrist weak, controller heavy
There's Gfuel on his sweater already, but on the surface he looks calm and ready, dropping bombs like chubby man from north korea.

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[NA/PS4] Grind to Diamond | Plat 1 Solo Q
If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a Blitz!
2018-11-13 10:53:51 PM ● 329 views ● 2:32:53 90.32% liked
Maverick is the New Thermite | Rainbow Six Siege
Quick tutorial on how to do this new maverick trick, destroying complete reinforcements. Maverick is now the new Thermite. If you enjoyed the...
2018-11-11 6:33:55 PM ● 488 views ● 3:10 100.00% liked
Coastline Theater Attack (Off-META) | Rainbow Six Siege
Guide on how to attack the Theater site on the Penthouse/Theater objective on Coastline. Off-META (Most Effective Tactic Available) strats are...
2018-11-10 6:01:09 PM ● 159 views ● 7:08 100.00% liked
1v4 Clutch Ace! (Stream Highlights #1)
Stream Highlights. Sick Aces, Clutches, and Plays. Follow me on Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/diirtyydave Intro Created by: AJR Gamer -https://www.youtube.com/user/AJRGamer1...
2018-11-05 10:00:40 PM ● 182 views ● 5:01 100.00% liked
How to Counter the Toxic Rush | Rainbow Six Siege
My 2 cents about countering the meta rush. This plays style is all over rank and i hope i can help at least a couple people beat it. If you enjoyed...
2018-11-04 4:22:59 PM ● 340 views ● 5:06 93.55% liked
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
In Depth: Attack Guide for Chamber & Brewery on Hereford Base (Bomb)
Detailed guide on how to attack the secondary site for hereford base. If you enjoyed the video leave a like and if you want more DiirtyyDave...
2018-11-03 6:01:42 PM ● 168 views ● 8:19 95.00% liked
Where have the Streams gone?
https://www.twitch.tv/diirtyydave link to my channel, follow me on Twitch! Stream Schedule Tuesday-Saturday SubSaturday play siege with me on...
2018-11-02 5:09:45 PM ● 53 views ● 2:35 100.00% liked
Hereford Base | Attack Guide for Tractor & Ammo Storage | Rainbow Six Siege
Detailed guide on how to attack the most difficult objective on Hereford Base. If you enjoyed the video leave a like and if you want more DiirtyyDave...
2018-10-29 11:52:18 AM ● 206 views ● 11:40 95.83% liked
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
Canadian Tower Hold | Pro Tactics | Rainbow Six Siege
Tutorial/Guide on how to hold Tower as a roamer to help defend the Dorms objective on Oregon. If you enjoyed the video leave a like and if you...
2018-10-27 4:07:23 PM ● 352 views ● 5:09 97.50% liked
Consulate |  Pro League Tips & Tricks | Rainbow Six Siege
Highlighting some setups and spots from the Secret vs Mockit game. Lots of cool thing to see and some more tricks from other pro games. If you...
2018-10-20 3:22:49 PM ● 362 views ● 15:04 100.00% liked