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Snort Burnell is a YouTube content creator with more than 20.9 thousand subscribers, with his content totaling around 18.59 million views views across around 2.78 thousand videos.

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2023-08-30DsP--toxic poser making fun of other creators for not beating balteus in AC6 while chat helps him15:05856
2023-08-30DsP--im suffering from pain, donate money--I dont have children because of the bullying of trolls14:494,577
2023-08-29DsP--rant, no one watches my armored core 6 videos because i love the game--all the fails in GTAV13:413,240
2023-08-28DsP--demonetized videos--I dont care not having obtained thousands of dollars or what the trolls say13:024,125
2023-08-28DsP--this is how you dont devour 17310:292,492
2023-08-27DsP--no one wanted to play against me in SF6--the highlights of the terrible celebration of 15 years13:023,965
2023-08-26DsP--sore gouty hands + slow day for armored core 6--SF6 is just pain and misery at diamond level15:043,165
2023-08-25DsP--i'll pay an extra $30 to play starfield early--SOK were better than the current trolls15:463,550
2023-08-25DsP--all the fails in GTAV--defending pdf derich--another paypig leaves the PRCult--double slow day13:486,533
2023-08-24DsP--extreme salinity in SF6, hitting & blaming the joystick + terrible blanka destroyed & perfected17:214,842
2023-08-23DsP--all the failures in GTAV--slow day + old man begging, we havent reached a tips goal in days6:423,245
2023-08-23DsP--the legacy leaves me very little money--day & night very slow--I will be remembered by memes10:274,844
2023-08-22DsP--perfected and destroyed by viewers + refusing to play with master level viewers & $20 in tips14:453,699
2023-08-21DsP--ranting against the FGC for loving MK1--pigroach's diamond level honda destroyed and perfected14:264,069
2023-08-20DsP--destroyed in MK1 Beta--slow night of $20 in tips + wagequitting MK1 Beta10:072,825
2023-08-19DsP--pigpen infested with flies--rant about the new drama on twitter--whale trekker ran out of money11:353,047
2023-08-19DsP--my podcast doesnt need guests--engagement has dropped + pigroach's blanka perfected & destroyed15:346,029
2023-08-18DsP--message to trolls, dont get milked by sidescrollers!--enjoying man in mawashi + slow night14:212,586
2023-08-17DsP--blaming the chat for his failures in GTAV--raging, if you mess with derich I will ban you9:552,909
2023-08-17DsP--drama with sidescrollers on twitter and stream--mutahar offers $5k to interview pigroach10:593,067
2023-08-17DsP--blaming the joystick for being destroyed in SF6--perfected 5 times + insulting devs & the game14:072,575
2023-08-16DsP--sock accounts saga, banning spree and discord exposed--I cant make friends because of trolls9:583,225
2023-08-15DsP--destroyed, perfected and tea bagged by viewers in SF6--spoiled and salty baby refusing to play13:082,355
2023-08-15DsP--yes, xqc is stealing content--all the fails in GTAV + please donate in GTAV--triple slow stream11:302,719
2023-08-14DsP--slow night--the merchandise was fanservice I didnt make money--enjoying the video of king kobra11:452,133
2023-08-13DsP--pigroach's "master level" blanka pulverized & perfected + troll friend requests in SF6 🐽💦11:154,084
2023-08-12DsP--the mysterious interruption was a beautiful visit from comcast and contract renegotiation18:162,937
2023-08-12DsP--ragequitting the match & perfected in SF6--disgusting salinity seasoned with many insults12:582,967
2023-08-12DsP--$8 slow night--raging, hooves mashing for being put in platinum with honda + perfected by ken10:112,282
2023-08-11DsP-new shirt-if you want to see my passion donate in chrono trigger-no pro wants to play against me14:263,234
2023-08-10DsP--pay for my services--beautiful messages + crushed & perfected by master level viewers10:543,007
2023-08-09DsP--sodium burst for being ranked platinum 1 star with blanka in SF6--losing & blaming the joystick7:583,382
2023-08-08DsP--pc gaming sucks--I never begged for the joystick, I have money--fake email from an ex-troll15:493,321
2023-08-08DsP--sociopath enjoying and failing in GTAV--$320 joystick unboxing, midlife crisis burnell13:243,073
2023-08-08DsP--mini pc ready to milk $--promising to play fightcade--trolls planned my rant & banning spree12:182,648
2023-08-07DsP--no one donated anything, I bought everything myself, now donate money--very slow night & day13:315,145
2023-08-06DsP--maximum salt production due to being tea bagged in SF6--using pignosis to get the joystick13:153,855Super Street Fighter IV
2023-08-05DsP--donate me a $320 arcade joystick for PS5 + pigroach's diamond level honda perfected 3 times18:482,636Street Fighter 6
2023-08-04DsP-unboxing, new mini pc "donated by a paypig", $469 on amazon--I will use it for chrono trigger 🐽💦13:314,430
2023-08-04DsP--many donations?--bragging and insulting all night about the master rank + all failures in GTAV10:572,921
2023-08-03SF6, dsp's 5-star diamond blanka perfected 2 times in casual--i hate ken!! + reaching master rank12:073,196Super Street Fighter IV
2023-08-03DsP--slowest night in months + $527 in pulls--dandruff burnell--LTG doesnt make more money than me11:044,052
2023-08-02DsP--sucking hard in GTAV--montage of 15 years of 100% pure trash--sleeping during FF16 and slow day14:313,785Grand Theft Auto V
2023-08-01DsP--the worst SF6 session and the saltiest--spanked and perfected 7 times by top level players 🐽💦19:004,933
2023-08-01DsP--lobbies with viewers near the wagequit--fearful & desperate because GTAV streams have been slow8:513,939Grand Theft Auto V
2023-07-31DsP--wwe champions day--crushed & perfected by master level viewers + pdf file derich & slow night10:252,714
2023-07-31DsP--this is how you dont devour 17211:172,855
2023-07-30DsP--I was making more than $20k a month with machinima--blaming machinima for everything17:356,133
2023-07-29DsP--mature adult scene & slow day--the masters are scrubs dood--the new buttons didn't help at all13:173,247
2023-07-29DsP--low views & support for SF6 is dropping just like for GTAV--new buttons for the arcade joystick11:244,275
2023-07-28DsP--the ad revenue is abysmal, begging like crazy + very slow night for GTAV, smells like wagequit11:185,262Grand Theft Auto V
2023-07-27DsP--pigroach's diamond level blanka easily squashed and perfected in SF6--1168 matches lost so far12:474,548Street Fighter 6
2023-07-27DsP--I hate FF16 but ill keep playing it-I dont want to play project L-you are my social interaction10:073,402Final Fantasy XVI
2023-07-26DsP--please support fan nights--perfected and tea bagged by trolls and fans in SF6 + slow night9:142,719
2023-07-25DsP--new intro--ranting, ltg sent me a tweet--you are not worth $5k, face me in SF6 dont be a b*tch!23:274,722
2023-07-25DsP--the faster the connection the less you can react + hooves mashing ferociously in SF68:251,373
2023-07-25DsP--madam burnell perfected and first matches lost with rashid in SF6, 1098 matches lost so far6:001,573
2023-07-25DsP reacts to ltg insulting him and he insults back--lolcows duel28:064,795
2023-07-24DsP--clown mode & troll submissions + slow day--lolcows can't drive--support for GTAV is very low15:302,620Grand Theft Auto V
2023-07-23DsP--I watched a detractor video about LTG, analyzing and envying LTG--LTG is bigger than me dood14:363,041
2023-07-23DsP--professional streamer having trouble installing gta5--silent GTA5--sucking in GTA5 + slow night11:352,486Grand Theft Auto V
2023-07-22DsP--machinima tried to scam me--there are several sagas of machinima--abstinence syndrome of tips10:503,931
2023-07-22DsP--the saltiest and tastiest pork roast in months--disastrous night, 33 matches lost in one night12:563,840
2023-07-22DsP--hooves mashing like crazy as he gets bodied and perfected--F this game!! + slow day 🐽💦12:192,886
2023-07-21DsP--new shirt--I almost turned into crispy bacon--dust-flooded pigpen--problems to install GTA 5 🐽💦10:243,426
2023-07-20DsP--problems with a video--ending amnesia-1 member to be happy--reasons why he loves being e-beggar13:344,397
2023-07-19DsP-slow night--new shirt--$915 in wwe--perfected & humiliated yelling at the arcade joystick in SF614:306,096
2023-07-19DsP--unrecorded begging and threats--cheating on amnesia--make me more art--the most sensitive skin13:074,335
2023-07-18DsP--you are my friends when it suits me--i let him win--please give money, 1005 matches lost in SF618:444,864
2023-07-18DsP--pigroach squashed and perfected by detractors and paypigs?--972 matches lost so far11:392,183
2023-07-17DsP--i won't wagequit amnesia to contradict the trolls--rant, sunnyv2 is scumbag--complaints = bans13:082,666
2023-07-17DsP--slowest stream of the year, disastrous amnesia premiere, wagequit threats--it was a troll trap15:263,503
2023-07-17DsP-I was right about SF6, believe ME & not the detractors--no food channel--indoctrinating his fans11:273,918
2023-07-16DsP--SF6, dee jay is broken dood--furious for not receiving the bounty--please give me super thanks13:012,506
2023-07-15DsP--salty and slow day--918 matches lost so far--perfected and humiliated using luke in SF68:452,220
2023-07-15DsP--new uniform for bozo--karen burnell ranting very salty and toxic, the vet tried to scam me!14:162,757
2023-07-14DsP--you will be banned if you use your mains, ranting about tryhards since he was humiliated in SF611:142,865
2023-07-14DsP--banning spree and insulting his viewers--crying for memberships and begging for them 🐽💦8:362,733
2023-07-14dsp vs viewers and trolls--perfected and humiliated--massive rant, he wanted them to let him win 🐽💦15:584,527
2023-07-13DsP--stream derailed by downed servers--dominated & perfected in SF6 + slow day--lost matches 87812:163,597
2023-07-12DsP--casual lobbies tonight with paypigs--massive bitching on FF16--toxic rant, my opinion is valid9:293,280
2023-07-12DsP--jasper scratching his father again + slow day for FF16--clown mode activated + slow night7:452,094
2023-07-11DsP--slow night, furious insulting zelda devs + puzzle boss--complaining about how $low SF6 was12:103,621Street Fighter 6
2023-07-11DsP-i'll do lobbies with fans--chronic crybaby says SF6 sucks, remove Ken!--maximum rage, I give up!21:244,372Street Fighter 6
2023-07-10DsP--begging for a steam deck--refusing to react--defending cults and making everything about him14:485,133
2023-07-10DsP--massive rant, trolls are sick + full story of the new garbage disposal and how he was scammed22:525,087
2023-07-09DsP--i'm good at street fighter stupid--mystery interruption + slow day $32 tips--slow night $7 tips10:133,019
2023-07-08DsP--i'm open to bounties in SF6--brokeback burnell perfected and rabidly producing toxic sodium13:224,721
2023-07-08DsP--the game moves by itself, exclaimed the whiny baby as he was perfected multiple times on SF612:505,366
2023-07-07DsP--massive rant and threatening to wagequit FF16--repairs in the pigpen?--jasper in rebel phase11:234,226
2023-07-07DsP--very slow night + this game doesn't respect me exclaimed the lolcow, I just want to finish it10:216,784
2023-07-06DsP--ackdolf pigler was double perfected & tea bagged + destroyed by fake LTG with modern controls18:267,742
2023-07-05DsP--casual burnell being perfected, tea bagged & destroyed 717 so far--faulty joystick?-no more Ryu19:273,911
2023-07-05DsP--unrecorded, very toxic rant against trolls for getting between him and diaphone10:445,775
2023-07-04DsP--15 year celebration with retrospective events to milk whales--kissing diaphone's ass + slow day10:263,641
2023-07-03DsP--this is how you dont devour 17111:313,169
2023-07-03DsP--the most egotistical in the country perfected & crushed in casual matches in SF6 + mini devour12:364,625
2023-07-03DsP--thinking about the penne + slow night--bozo burnell is back--stupid rant--drinking like a pro12:085,056
2023-07-02DsP--ranting on censorship on twitter--S-Craig challenged me in SF6--the police ignored the report15:035,443
2023-07-02DsP--fourth place of evo 2005 dominated & perfected in casual matches + headband ragequit14:214,012