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Welcome to my channel, I am Indonesian Youtuber, a casual player gamer which I have a job to do and do other things in real life. I do upload videos all about gaming, vlogs, unboxing, humanity, care for environment. I'd like to play games and try out the new games and also share the game what I've been going through.

At the moment, I am more focused in:
Mobius FF JP (メビウスFF),
Epic Seven

But as time passed and if there are some games I'm able to play, I will try to play on new games as well.

Thank you all, hope you guys enjoy the videos in my channel and feel free to subscribe this channel.

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Hi guys, Mobius Final Fantasy just released New Battle Tower Event. Story starts with Graff to master himself becoming the best of him. Hope...
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Hi guys, I'm trying the Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia japan version and WOW, all characters mostly available. A LOT OF THEM, well and now...
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Hi guys, at some point I think it's time to pull this gacha. Whether it's bad or very lucky pulls, I'm ready to lose everything. Hope you guys...
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Hi guys, LAST CLOUDIA ラストクラウディア, it is similar to FFBE Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. I'm gonna pull this gacha, as you can see...
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Hi guys, I'm trying to pull Levi the legendary soldier in Survey Corps, the squad captain of Survey Corps known as humanity's strongest soldier....
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Square Enix NEW GAME LAST IDEA ラストイデア, Every square enix games are super awesome guys, starting from final fantasy. Mostly magnificent!...
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