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About Welsh Raccoon

Welcome to Welsh Raccoon's channel here if you want to see gaming walkthroughs youve come to the right place.

Many of my game videos will have commentaries and some wont, like to keep a balance for those who like commentaries and those who dont lol

I really hope you will enjoy what I am doing please leave likes, comments and subscribe.

'Welsh Raccoon and Proud'

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God Of War Part 23: A Journey's End ENDING
Baldur is now dead and Kratos and Atreus finally head to the journey's end #Godofwar #ending #fatherandson #loki
2019-02-11 6:26:29 PM ● 54 views ● 28:42 100.00% liked
God of War
God of War (2018)
God Of War Part 22: The Cycle Ends Here
The Cycle ends here, we must be better then this #godofwar #ghostofsparta #kratos #fatherandson #actionadventure
2019-02-10 3:20:33 PM ● 55 views ● 49:23 100.00% liked
God of War
God of War (2018)
God Of War Part 21: Flipping The Temple
Kratos and Atreus head into Tyrs hidden vault to find another way to get to their destination #godofwar #gameoftheyear2018 #ghostofsparta #openworldgames...
2019-02-09 5:44:13 PM ● 45 views ● 40:38 100.00% liked
God of War
God of War (2018)
Heavy Rain Part 9: Leads After Leads
Ethan is suffering the pain of the trails while Norman and Scott are looking for leads on the Origami Killer #heavyrain #storytelling #quanticdream...
2019-02-09 7:11:53 AM ● 36 views ● 30:45 100.00% liked
Heavy Rain
Heavy Rain (2010)
God Of War Part 20: Escape From Helheim
Thanks to Atreus we are back in Hel and must find a way out before its too late #godofwar #kratos #actionadventure #fatherandson
2019-02-07 6:00:36 PM ● 58 views ● 32:25 100.00% liked
God of War
God of War (2018)
God Of War Part 19: Actions and Consequences
Atreus is getting worse and worse and is losing control #Godofwar #atreus #ghostofsparta
2019-02-06 4:36:45 PM ● 37 views ● 30:48 100.00% liked
God of War
God of War (2018)
Resident Evil 2 Part 8: Leon's Ending
Leon travels further into Umbrella's lab to find the G Virus but some secrets are revealed #RE2 #Capcom #Leonending
2019-02-05 4:40:30 AM ● 63 views ● 35:13 100.00% liked
Resident Evil 2 Part 7: Umbrella Lab
Leon and Ada descend into the Umbrella Lab hidden under Raccoon City in hopes of finding the G Virus #Residentevil #Capcom #Leonkennedy
2019-02-03 11:52:14 PM ● 67 views ● 42:00 100.00% liked
Resident Evil 2 Part 6: Damsel In Distress
Leon see's that Ada is in trouble and must race to save her before its too late but more sewer monsters and Zombies are in his path #capcom #remake...
2019-02-02 6:19:37 PM ● 66 views ● 37:07 100.00% liked
Assassins Creed Syndicate Part 24: Taking Back The Strand Part 2
Evie has taken over one half of The Strand and Jacob is about to take over the other #Assassinscreed #Jacobfrye #Fightclub
2019-02-02 6:40:05 AM ● 53 views ● 20:18 100.00% liked