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Hello there! I'm Chris Scullion and I'm a Tired Old Hack. I've also been a professional games journalist since 2006 and have been a gamer for more than three decades. Tired Old Hack is a website (http://tiredoldhack.com) and YouTube channel dedicated to covering games old and new (but mostly old), with three key aims:

- informing and entertaining you
- using the best quality footage (captured myself where possible)
- being Scottish

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Gemhunter 14 – Mystic Midway: Rest In Pieces (CD-I)
Episode 14 of Gemhunter looks at Mystic Midway: Rest In Pieces on the Philips CD-I. Is to die for, or dead on its arse? Gemhunter is my video...
2019-03-21 6:53:19 PM ● 99 views ● 17:48 100.00% liked
The NES Encyclopedia by Chris Scullion - first look!
Here's a first look at my book, the NES Encyclopedia. It's out at the end of March 2019 in the UK, and June 2019 in North America. Where to pre-order:...
2019-03-09 5:47:37 AM ● 325 views ● 5:51 96.88% liked
First Impressions
Gemhunter 13 – International Tennis Open (CD-I)
Episode 13 of Gemhunter looks at International Tennis Open on the Philips CD-I. Is it love-all, or a load of balls? Gemhunter is my video series...
2019-03-03 4:38:56 PM ● 228 views ● 24:16 100.00% liked
GCHD Mk-II review footage part 2 - 50Hz games
Here's some footage of 8 games running on a GameCube using the GCHD Mk-II (which lets you output in HDMI). For the full written review, visit...
2019-02-20 4:33:59 PM ● 189 views ● 12:02 87.50% liked
GCHD Mk-II review footage part 1 - 60Hz games
Here's some footage of 19 games running on a GameCube using the GCHD Mk-II (which lets you output in HDMI). For the full written review, visit...
2019-02-20 4:33:55 PM ● 393 views ● 22:00 100.00% liked
Resident Evil 2 remake (Xbox One X) review
Has Capcom nailed its re-imagining of one of the best survival horror games of all time? Find out in yer man Scullion's review. For more retro...
2019-01-22 9:00:39 AM ● 1,135 views ● 9:12 87.18% liked
Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes review
Yer man reviews Travis Strikes Again, Suda51 and Grasshopper Manufacture's latest Switch title. For more retro gaming goodness, visit http://tiredoldhack.com...
2019-01-16 6:48:33 PM ● 558 views ● 8:34 100.00% liked
That Time When Sonic Played Football in Virtua Striker
In the first episode of That Time When, see what happened when Sega added a team full of Sonic characters to its Virtua Striker series. That...
2019-01-11 3:52:12 PM ● 451 views ● 8:53 97.22% liked
Gameplay footage - FC Sonic in Virtua Striker 3 Ver. 2002 on GameCube
This is bonus footage made to accompany my other video, That time when Sonic played football in Virtua Striker. To watch that video, which explains...
2019-01-11 3:52:09 PM ● 203 views ● 10:30 100.00% liked
The 10 Best Games of 2018
Happy New Year! To celebrate the beginning of 2019, yer man Scullion looks at his 10 favourite games of 2018. For more retro gaming goodness,...
2019-01-01 12:03:48 PM ● 479 views ● 10:08 96.15% liked