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ADHDegrees is an American YouTube content creator with 703 subscribers, publishing 205 videos which altogether total roughly 70.04 thousand views.

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2023-11-28Mercury Has REALLY long days!!! 🌔 #nasa #artemislaunch #spaceexploration #spacefacts #mercury0:504
2023-11-16AI CREATES STARSHIP🚀0:303,672
2023-11-16Starship and Artemis 1, a year apart! #starship #artemis1 #artemisprogram #artemislaunch #spacex0:43130
2023-11-12The Milky Way will get you drunk! #alcohol #nasa #milkyway #spacefacts0:291,593
2023-11-09Earth has a second moon!!! #nasa #moon #spacefacts #hawaii0:252,012
2023-11-06Building the Villages in Cities Skylines 2!48:3976Cities: Skylines II
2023-10-25Repost: From TijnM #starship #moon #lunarlander #spacex #fanart0:27344
2023-10-23I am excited about FOR SCIENCE!39:07286Kerbal Space Program 2
2023-10-20Mourning KSP2 by Playing Cities Skylines1:25:07343Cities: Skylines II
2023-10-14Falcon Heavy Psyche Mission1:39:05112
2023-10-12Starlink Group 5-10 | Falcon 9 Block 50:000
2023-09-08One Small Step Kerbal Space Program RSS/RO #114:54120Kerbal Space Program
2023-09-02Rescuing a Kerbal from Duna in KSP215:13351Kerbal Space Program 2
2023-08-23Landing a Duna Ship in KSP2 Part 212:30465Kerbal Space Program 2
2023-08-15Building a Duna Ship in KSP2 Part 118:49588
2023-06-30Where Have I Been12:2884
2023-05-19My First Mission to Eve in KSP210:55182Kerbal Space Program
2023-03-30Starlink Group 5-10 | Falcon 9 Block 522:4314
2023-03-24Building A Kerbal Skylab11:47309Kerbal Space Program
2023-03-14Why Kerbnet Sucks in KSP27:291,071ReviewKerbal Space Program
2023-02-26KSP 2 Minmus Easter Egg: Apollo Style11:082,305Kerbal Space Program
2023-02-25How to get to Orbit in KSP 20:59588Kerbal Space Program
2023-02-24First KSP2 Mun Mission34:57623Kerbal Space Program
2023-02-23Goodbye Kerbal Space Program5:471,986Kerbal Space Program
2023-02-21Road to KSP2: Getting Ready for the Finale10:171,115Kerbal Space Program
2023-02-13Road to KSP 2: Rescue from Laythe27:22297Kerbal Space Program
2023-02-04Road to KSP2: Jool Rescue Ship19:18731Kerbal Space Program
2023-01-30Road to KSP2: Escape Pods!12:01804Kerbal Space Program
2023-01-21Road to KSP 2: The Interplanetary Fuel Tug17:311,898Kerbal Space Program
2023-01-14Road to KSP 2: Orbital Construction Begins17:16996Kerbal Space Program
2023-01-07Road to KSP 2: Munar Space Station8:03519Kerbal Space Program
2022-12-23Road to KSP2: Landing on Laythe18:291,022
2022-12-16Road to KSP2: Duna Space Station11:381,294Kerbal Space Program
2022-11-22Road to KSP2: I went to see Artemis 114:58152Kerbal Space Program
2022-11-10Road to KSP 2: Return to Eve (500 Subscriber Special)1:00:01399
2022-11-06Road to KSP 2: Making the Space Station Huge!10:021,364
2022-10-29Road to KSP2: Space Station Expansion14:561,523Kerbal Space Program
2022-10-23Road to KSP 2: Crewed Mission to Jool18:393,368Kerbal Space Program
2022-10-19KSP Part 20:16519Kerbal Space Program
2022-10-17KSP Part 11:00653Kerbal Space Program
2022-10-12Road to KSP2: SSTO Space Tug15:00434Kerbal Space Program
2022-10-09One Small Step RSS/RO/RP1: Sounding Rockets6:51227Kerbal Space Program
2022-10-05Road to KSP 2: Docking 2 SSTOs (Episode 50)14:251,027Kerbal Space Program
2022-09-23Road to KSP 2: Plock Probe11:52303Kerbal Space Program
2022-09-17Road to KSP2: The First SSTO11:087,043Kerbal Space Program
2022-09-11Road to KSP2: Nuclear Duna Lander10:30405Kerbal Space Program
2022-09-03Chicago (KSP next weekend)0:12183Kerbal Space Program
2022-08-26Road to KSP2: Nuclear Powered to Duna11:38962Kerbal Space Program
2022-08-21Road to KSP2: Reusable Nuclear Spaceships7:381,534Kerbal Space Program
2022-08-15Road to KSP 2: Interstellar Probes9:311,843Kerbal Space Program
2022-07-31Set Up Tour 2022 (Towers UCF)20:54529Review
2022-07-02Road to KSP2: Laythe Lander12:42530Kerbal Space Program
2022-06-19Road to KSP 2: Expert Level Space Tourism10:21425Kerbal Space Program
2022-06-12Road to KSP 2: Resupply Mission6:18297Kerbal Space Program
2022-05-29Road to KSP2: Moho Lander7:42184Kerbal Space Program
2022-05-20Road to KSP 2: The Joolian Moons12:07342Kerbal Space Program
2022-05-08Road to KSP2: Reusable Heavy Rockets10:35274Kerbal Space Program
2022-05-01Road to KSP2: Jool Missions11:01211Kerbal Space Program
2022-04-24Road to KSP2: Minmus Rover8:13164Kerbal Space Program
2022-04-15KSP Concept Crafts: The Clip Air6:10191Kerbal Space Program
2022-04-06The Honey Shop11:0720Minecraft
2022-04-03Road to KSP2: Cleaning The Save File9:43321
2022-03-30How to Build With Birch18:3623TutorialMinecraft
2022-03-25Road to KSP2: Mining Ships14:492,794Kerbal Space Program
2022-03-15Road to KSP2: Mercury Interceptor12:43182Kerbal Space Program
2022-02-25Road to KSP2: New Reusable Rockets11:54215Kerbal Space Program
2022-02-18Road to KSP2: Getting Out of Debt16:18254Kerbal Space Program
2022-02-15Road to KSP2: Going Broke10:09220Kerbal Space Program
2022-02-08Road to KSP2: Actual Rockets, and Kerbal Probes10:17157Kerbal Space Program
2022-01-31Road to KSP2: Back On Kerbin5:32135Kerbal Space Program
2022-01-22Road to KSP2: New Mun Rovers9:32819Kerbal Space Program
2022-01-15Road to KSP2: Interplanetary Internet10:08215Kerbal Space Program 2
2022-01-09Road to KSP2: Hypersonic Missile Testing11:08249Kerbal Space Program
2022-01-03Road to KSP2: Heading Back Home from Duna3:1476Kerbal Space Program 2
2021-12-23Road to KSP 2: Legolass Station6:22448Kerbal Space Program 2
2021-12-06Road to KSP2: Definitely not Launching Spy Sats10:13201Kerbal Space Program
2021-12-01Road to KSP2: First Duna Landing13:51289TutorialKerbal Space Program
2021-11-16Road to KSP 2: The First Mun Rover9:461,153Kerbal Space Program
2021-11-12Road to KSP2: Fully Reusable Rockets6:10205Kerbal Space Program
2021-11-08Road to KSP2: Contract Completion11:34137Kerbal Space Program 2
2021-11-05Life is Strange SUCKS6:44:3859Life Is Strange: Before the Storm
2021-11-03Road to KSP 2: Antioch Station9:24105Kerbal Space Program
2021-10-25Road to KSP2: Off to Duna7:52223Kerbal Space Program
2021-10-18Road to KSP 2: Satellite Constellations13:36239Kerbal Space Program 2
2021-10-01Road to KSP2: The Duna Lander8:13189Kerbal Space Program 2
2021-09-29Road to KSP2: The most expensive Crew Transfer10:26165Kerbal Space Program 2
2021-09-24ROAD TO KSP2: The Duna Ship9:38251Kerbal Space Program
2021-09-22Road to KSP2: The Rescue Mission8:15111Kerbal Space Program 2
2021-09-17Road to KSP2: Lunar Gateway13:38173Kerbal Space Program
2021-09-15Road to KSP2: Aphrodite 112:54172Kerbal Space Program 2
2021-09-10Road to KSP 2: New Moon Lander and Launch Vehicle22:15617Kerbal Space Program
2021-09-03Road to KSP 2: Duna Probe12:36240Kerbal Space Program
2021-09-01Road to KSP 2: Moon Landing Contracts Galore18:46891Kerbal Space Program 2
2021-08-27Road to KSP2: Space Tourism5:09133Kerbal Space Program
2021-08-25Road To KSP2 : How to Build A Moon Base8:36361TutorialKerbal Space Program
2021-08-21Road to KSP 2: Apollo Style Moon Lander16:03255Kerbal Space Program
2021-07-28A Disaterous Moon Landing (Road to KSP2)13:44395Kerbal Space Program 2
2021-07-17KSP Road to KSP2 Ep 18:511,466Kerbal Space Program 2
2021-07-12My New Home (MC S1 E1)13:348Minecraft
2021-07-01KSP Finale30:188Kerbal Space Program