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United States

Donut Toys and Games is an American content creator on YouTube with approximately 2.56 thousand subscribers, publishing roughly 2.19 thousand videos which altogether total at least 946.57 thousand views.

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About Donut Toys and Games

Hello, our little channel has some gaming guides, toys, and trading cards (mostly Pokemon TCG - get those Pokémon code cards), hope it helps and enjoy! Plus some giveaways 🎁 when we can.

My Galaga guide video hit 10k+ views alone! Total channel views are now over 100k+ views. Super appreciative of each one!

Mostly play thru of games and toy overview and reviews that we truly enjoy. Sometimes viewers may need a little extra help and we hope our video’s does indeed help them (feedback has been good so far) and they find value in our guides. Everything on our channel was personally played, recorded and edited. We try to keep commentary limited, but we certainly do make the edits our own. Also in the description, there may be some tips to use as sometimes it’s not in the walk-through part (we do not use cut scenes nor reuse content). We are still learning, and our edits is getting better as we go. Best regards and have a wonderful day!

Thanks again everyone with much appreciation! =)

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