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1. GameSpot31,813,357
2.United States LegacyKillaHD19,577,597
3.United States IGN14,246,931
4.United States GameSpot Trailers9,087,061
5.United States GameNews8,253,844
6.United States gameranx6,092,888
7.United States TheQuartering4,238,927
8. MKIceAndFire4,219,394
9.United Kingdom Meteorite Games3,969,308
10.Russian Federation StopGame.Ru3,961,727

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1.Spain Madqueen Show316
2. The Triple S League154
3.United States LastKnownMeal151
4.United Kingdom NewsBOT Gaming100
5.Brazil Universo Paralelo85
6.Germany WeltenNet74
7.United States IGN74
8.Spain ZDEyE71
9.United States LegacyKillaHD58
10.Russian Federation GameInOnline54

Latest Let's Plays For Cyberpunk 2077

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-05-07United States SuperDanCyberpunk 2077 Is Messed Up + Sony PS5 Leak2:5513,139
2020-04-21Poland majkeld3Cyberpunk 2077 Limited Edition Bundle xbox one x microsoft ms commercial tvcm cm pub0:1639
2020-04-17United States nxtgen720RUMOR X $499 SHOULD SONY BE WORRIED|CYBERPUNK 2077 X CONSOLE IS TO LITTLE TO LATE1:48:034,646
2020-04-13Russian Federation Антон ЛогвиновПочему перенесли Last of Us 2? Что будет с PlayStation 5 и Xbox Series X? Выйдет ли Cyberpunk 2077?1:48:5997,959
2020-04-10 ASMR Gaming NewsASMR Gaming News (192) PS5 Controller Reveal, Last of Us 2 Delay, Cyberpunk 2077, Resident Evil 8 +21:029,757
2020-03-31United Kingdom NewsBOT GamingCheck Out These Stunning Cyberpunk 2077 Wallpapers...1:4251
2020-03-17Germany GamesweltPlaystation 5: Morgen neue Infos! Cyberpunk 2077: Pünktlich trotz Corona! | GW-NEWS4:129,416
2020-02-24Netherlands JorRaptorCyberpunk 2077 & Xbox Series X Next Gen Details Force PlayStation 5 & Ubisoft To React (PS5 News)6:0733,376
2020-01-27Netherlands Power UnlimitedKrijgen we Cyberpunk 2077 stiekem eerder? - Ranking the Helpdesk S2E19:263,539
2020-01-24Brazil GameplayrjPlaystation 4 e Xbox One NÃO TEM CAPACIDADE para rodar Cyberpunk 2077?7:43193,866
2020-01-23Brazil Mais XBOXTÁ DIFÍCIL! XBOX ONE CULPADO pelo ADIAMENTO de CYBERPUNK 2077?7:173,783
2020-01-22Brazil GAMER SEM REGRAS![BOMBA] Cyberpunk 2077 foi ADIADO por culpa do Xbox! PIOR VERSÃO CONFIRMADA!10:456,909
2020-01-18Hungary BögreKésik a Cyberpunk 2077, Playstation játékok jöhetnek PC-re | Bögre #16752:57157
2020-01-09Spain ZDEyENew Batman & Demon's Souls Teasers, PS5's Signature Color, Cyberpunk 2077 Special Day Resurrection!14:19445
2019-12-19Spain Madqueen ShowCyberpunk 2077 - I NEED YOUR HELP!5:227,138
2019-12-04 S H A D ECYBERPUNK 2077 [ V ] - Wallpaper Engine (S H A D E)1:3561
2019-11-27Russian Federation PozITiv_xz [Live Wallpaper]Cyberpunk 2077 - Super Shot [wallpaper]2:56583
2019-11-18United States J&L GameCyberpunk 2077 - Official Teaser Trailer - PlayStation 4 / Xbox One2:16154
2019-10-27Russian Federation GameInOnlineПро PlayStation 5, Modern Warfare, Fallen Order, Cyberpunk 2077, GTFO, BlizzCon 2019 | За неделю10:3727,626
2019-09-08Mexico FRUs GAMING CHANNELNoticias PlayStation #190 - Solo en PlayStation, Plants vs Zombies 3, Cyberpunk 2077 multijugador10:0312,246
2019-09-04Germany GamingClerksPlayStation ALL STARS 2 für die PS5? // CYBERPUNK 2077 mit Multiplayer3:198,968
2019-08-31United States JayTechTVPSLP: Cyberpunk 2077 Downgrade?!2:39:29591
2019-08-31Germany GoodyCyberpunk 2077 Neues Gameplay14:30935
2019-08-31 OnPSXCyberpunk 2077 - 2019 Deep Dive Video | PS414:2150

Latest Reviews For Cyberpunk 2077

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-05-26Singapore TITAN GAMERSBadge Review of the Confirmed Gangs of Cyberpunk 20778:1627,811
2020-05-21 StealUrGunCyberpunk 2077 Demo - Gunplay Review and Quick Thoughts3:26202
2020-05-21Australia Game Design with MichaelCloudpunk might scratch your Cyberpunk 2077 itch... (Cloudpunk Review)12:12329
2020-05-15United States TheFirstJoeLCYBERPUNK 2077 LIMITED EDITION CONTROLLER Unboxing and Review6:4084
2020-05-09Italy kanetsuEVO 2020 Cancelled - Cyberpunk 2077 - Ryzen R3 Reviews Are Out2:2633
2020-04-29United Kingdom PCGamesNSnowRunner reviews, Cyberpunk 2077 sexiness, and the future of DayZ | Latest PC gaming news1:343,186
2020-04-23United States TheLookin4nowCyberpunk 2077 Limited Edition Xbox Controller Review/Unboxing3:30238
2020-03-16United States MrMattyPlaysCD Projekt Red Continues To Improve Industry, Will Provide Cyberpunk 2077 To Reviewers Weeks Ahead10:5120,162
2020-03-10United States LastKnownMealCyberpunk 2077 Nvidia GeForce Now NEWS + Nvidia GeForce NOW Review7:532,565
2020-03-05United States ShartimusPrimeMcFarlane Toys Cyberpunk 2077 Johnny Silverhand & V 7 Inch Video Game 4K Action Figure Review16:3011,747
2020-02-25United States Outside The Box [OTB]Channel review ~ Cyberpunk 20771:5520
2020-02-21 Ken UltimateNVIDIA GEFORCE NOW y CYBERPUNK 2077 rompen las reglas de la POTENCIA14:396,644
2020-01-27 KotakuCyberpunk 2077 PREREVIEW | Tim Rogers | Kotaku45:12100,067
2020-01-04 The Triple S LeaguePodcast 192: Cyberpunk 2077 vs. Cyberpunk Genre; The Mandalorian Review; Witcher 3 Sets New Record1:44:121,128
2019-12-15 SolidSpawnCyberpunk 2077 Ending Explained, Secret Hoverboard 🍉 Cyberpunk 2077 News, Review & Wishlist Leaks5:061,012
2019-11-28United States The Balding PlebsHOW MUCH!? Cyberpunk 2077 Collector's Edition Guide Breakdown and Review!9:401,131
2019-10-06United States Joseph WittyWhy is Cyberpunk 2077 So Damn Popular? | REACTION & REVIEW10:291,274
2019-09-27Spain Madqueen ShowTHE COMBAT ZONE - Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Review8:504,481
2019-09-09United States Dread Dads PodcastCyberpunk 2077 – Deep Dive Video Reaction | DREAD DADS PODCAST | Rants, Reviews, Reactions18:121,251
2019-07-22Brazil zevictttComeçar a semana com INCRÍVEIS INFORMAÇÕES CyberPunk 2077 !!7:272,522
2019-06-24India 1Up GamingCyberpunk 2077 Game Review I Review Ramesh3:0826,378
2019-06-20United Kingdom VideoGamerTVJudgment Review, Cyberpunk 2077 E3 Fallout, Avengers Faces - VideoGamer Podcast1:22:48706
2019-06-14United States pReview'dCyberpunk 2077 - Official Cinematic Trailer E3 2019 Reaction / Review / Rating11:1414,600