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Channels With The Most Views

1. Roger van der Weide5,612,185
2.France Patafoin5,350,583
3.United States Anon79065,176,403
4.United States Sonicguru Productions3,806,746
5.Netherlands Official VGM3,599,485
6.Finland TheJege123,492,264
7.Brazil Pedro Araujo3,092,825
8.United States cobanermani4562,937,572
9.Australia dshaynie2,758,794
10. Sonic Destiny2,645,922

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1.Germany HDFoXLP the Dragon384
2. Werster86
3.Canada DeoxysPrime82
4. 3godzilla378
5.United States JeffMakesGames74
6.United States HyperSonic770174
7.United Kingdom Hanternos73
8.Brazil Karlos Katu72
9. Deep_Diver72
10. SonicJGB71

Latest Let's Plays For Sonic the Hedgehog CD

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2 days agoGermany AlbertWesker LPSonic CD - Metallic Madness Zone Finale (Retro Lets Play) [100% & voice sounds]36:1434
2020-12-14United States SammySonic CD (PC/Steam) 1440P Playthrough w/ Jap/Eng OST1:37:24347
2020-09-10Brazil Long 'n PlaySonic the Hedgehog CD (Sega CD) 【Longplay】1:09:23776
2020-09-07 ThisisKyleGuess I Could've Got 2 Out Of This, ThisisKyle Plays Sonic CD, Finale1:00:095
2020-08-13United States Retro World OrderSonic CD Full Playthrough Good Ending2:56:0612
2020-08-05Canada Jaypin88Sonic CD Warped (V1.0.0) :: First Look Playthrough (1080p/60fps)34:035,153
2020-07-27United States God's HouseLet's Play Sonic CD(PC)P250:491
2020-06-23United States NintendoCompleteSonic CD (Sega CD) Playthrough - NintendoComplete59:5816,922
2020-06-21United Kingdom MaxuPlaysSONIC CD - Full SEGA CD Playthrough55:1621
2020-06-13United States Iowa Retro Gamer DadSuper Sega Sunday! Sonic CD On The Sega CD!16:4290
2020-06-12United States RetroGamerFGSonic CD 3xLP Vinyl Set (Data Discs): Hands-On & Samples19:06120
2020-06-01United States Nuclear [NUKELEDGE]Sonic CD - Palmtree Panic Past Restored with Original Instruments (with FLP)2:511,669
2020-05-31United Kingdom Dan2xl5Danrvdtree2000 Let's PLay Sonic The Hedgehog CD The Final Part12:336
2020-04-26Germany Germench[GER] Speedrunners Helping Fight COVID-19 Sonic CD 2011 Tails: All Good Futures Race28:4937
2020-04-07Germany CoinBlockEndspurts-Exodus mit salziger Stimmung! 💿 #05 [FINALE] - Sonic CD15:5112
2020-02-23United Kingdom THEGAMEVEDAWalking Through the PlayStation Logo : EGX 2019 : Little Planet0:2350
2020-02-14United Kingdom Retro Cheating :DSonic Gems Collection: Sonic CD One Level Playthrough with no Cheats on the Ps2 :D6:5278
2020-02-10United Kingdom AzzavharSonic CD ¦ Let's Play ¦ Full Game ¦ 1st Time Playthrough1:52:28175
2020-01-23United States Dillin ThomasSONIC CD: Abandoned Prototype / Trollpastas12:534,617
2020-01-07United Kingdom Gotta Go Fast!I LOVE THIS GAME!! Sonic Plays Sonic CD Part 112:17158,547
2019-10-29United States Axel LazuliTeelaKatana - Sonic CD Playthrough!3:17:36787
2019-08-06Brazil KAMUI PLAYSKamui Plays Live - SONIC CD - Episode 1 (PTBR-ENGLISH)1:24:0155
2019-07-17United States XerBladeClassic Sonic Marathon by XerBlade part 3: Sonic CD, oh no, no, ORT no...1:18:0828
2019-06-05United States PlayStation WorldPlaystation 2 - Sonic CD3:3029

Latest Reviews For Sonic the Hedgehog CD

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-01-16United States TooterpSonic CD: The most Forgotten Sonic game!! - Sonic CD Review! (PC)9:09172
2021-01-06United States Retro MisfitsSonic CD Game Review 2021: Is Sonic CD Worth Buying In 2021?8:3943
2020-11-18United States Mardiman641Mardiman641 Reviews: Sonic CD & Knuckles Chaotix Tool Assistant Speedruns (Reddit Thursday's)54:3915
2020-07-09United Kingdom Obsessive Compulsive GamingSonic Bollocks (Sega CD) RETRO PLAYTHROUGH & REVIEW45:009
2020-06-15United Kingdom WebsterSonic CD | The Other Sonic 210:24418
2020-05-12United Kingdom ZealwoodSonic CD Review - Is It Worth Your Time?12:15214
2019-12-18United States thewalkthrewer184Generic Review #13: Sonic CD- The most divisive Sonic game5:47173
2019-11-08United States Olympus Gaming TVSonic CD [Review] - The Most Experimental 2D Sonic?7:5446
2019-10-04 Super Blizzard Buffalo MasterSonic CD Review (1993)7:0433
2019-09-13United Kingdom Fossil ArcadeSONIC CD / Let's Play & Review- Fossil Arcade36:25268
2019-09-02United Kingdom Badnik MechanicStunning Sonic CD Vinyl Collection Unboxing & Review11:525,025
2019-07-21United States Bander SNSonic's Official Stalker :Sonic CD Review and Ranking : Rank A Bone Part 323:1328
2019-02-25 Jlink Master ArchiveSONIC CD SEGA CD REVIEW0:5910
2018-11-03United States CHEESY124 EntertainmentSonic1SonicHedgehog's "Sonic CD Review" video (Censored Version) (REMADE)3:1331
2018-07-08 480Voltz480 Reviews Sonic CD! Also My Birthday!15:5940
2018-06-17Australia ColourShedProductionsSonic CD review - ColourShed14:3015,606
2018-06-08Netherlands Retropolis ZoneSonic the Hedgehog CD Review - Quickies Don't Cut It1:03:2829,768
2018-05-14Australia Corbanator2000Sonic CD - Corbanator Reviews12:35132
2018-05-04United States MrTreesSaplingMTS Reviews: Sonic CD13:0453
2018-04-27United Kingdom Twisted Bard GamingSonic CD - One Life Review16:5363
2018-04-15Israel Streviewסוניק סידי - ביקורת - Sonic CD - Review - Hebrew18:0159,728
2018-04-13 skorgowSonic CD - Reise durch die Zeit 5G (xbox360 play on xbox one)0:305
2018-03-07United States Lost ChaosSonic Cd Was NOT A Good Game7:013,817
2017-12-19United States Conor HehrSonic CD | One Of The Best, Apparently - Conor Talks About Stuff5:0973
2017-11-05 The SocketSonic CD - Review11:2458