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The Forest

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Latest Let's Plays For The Forest

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-04-14France Passion mGsTHE FOREST SURVIE DIFFICILE - JOUR 3 ! (S3E2) LET'S PLAY FR1:06:084,456
2020-03-29Germany Key TeyroAb ins Kannibalen Dorf - The Forest #042 Gameplay Deutsch German PS4 2020 | Key Teyro35:2031
2020-03-25 KaiKerThe Forest || Bringing back FLARES (1 life gameplay)30:1131
2020-03-05Germany DiePixelHeldenTHE FOREST: SEASON 2 #12 - Wir gegen den Endboss - Let's Play The Forest29:50621
2020-01-15 Kage848Second Best Survival Game Ever? | The Forest Gameplay | E0128:56230,238
2019-10-19Germany Lanfear LPEin Strandspaziergang | The Forest - Together #003 |23:3558
2019-10-12Ireland jacksepticeyeForest VR Is One Of The FUNNIEST Game I've Played - The Forest VR w/ pewdiepie21:201,399,845
2019-09-16Germany GAMAZINETHE FOREST 🌲 LiveLP 010: Nacht voller Feinde | GAMAZINE18:1815
2019-08-16Germany TritonForest 10 l Auf den Spuren unserer Leichen l Triton - The Forest coop S38:413
2019-08-01United Kingdom TurianShepardTHE AMBUSH!!! - THE FOREST (WITH POOFY) #327:4611
2019-07-31United Kingdom SerialPillockTAKEN PRISONER!!! o_O - The Forest Playthrough: Part 2 (PC/Let's Play)22:5831
2019-07-22Slovenia Kokoplays MBThe Forest Co-Op | A BIG VISITOR - Ep. 18 | Let's Play The Forest Gameplay21:47117
2019-06-26India Kaal Chamber#theforest #ekjungle #survivalgameplay THE FOREST FIRST PLAYTHROUGH \\ PART 11:14:3712
2019-06-25United Kingdom Xander SweetmanThe Forest VR - Oculus Rift - E2628:4627
2019-06-18United States Crazy Stone GamerLet's Play The Forest Part 2 Cannibal Cave10:2920
2019-06-10 the Grand PoofarianCRASHING DOWN - the Forest #1 - feat. Turianshepard10:4661
2019-06-08United States DoctorDDubThe SICKEST Timelapse You've Ever Seen!!! (Ep. 42) | The Forest (Co-op Let's Play)7:3636
2019-05-25United Kingdom nooblets.comTHE FOREST Finding Timmy THE END Ep14 Nooblets Plays1:01:072,389
2019-04-25Germany LaubhaufenLPThe Forest (S01) #20 Epilog37:275
2019-04-19Canada Working As IntendedBONFIRES BETTER THAN BALLS: Let's Play The Forest V1.1x Part 151:58:0378
2019-04-11United States Jaames JohnsonThe Forest- Multiplayer Lets Play with Durand3:20:285
2019-04-09Netherlands Gamer RoostThe Forest Lets Play Part 2 BETOWORLD18:495
2019-04-07Australia FarketThe Enemy Knows Where You Are & How You Can Take Advantage Of It | The Forest6:21239,504
2019-03-31Canada Game BoomersThe Forest FINALE -- Crashing This Plane... With No Survivors! -- Game Boomers1:21:3428
2019-03-27Germany BlackmoonTHE FOREST #02 - Dynamit regelt. - Let's Play together27:38229

Latest Reviews For The Forest

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2019-06-16United States BostonGamingThe Forest - Multiplayer2:12:5337
2018-08-21United States MabiVsGamesTHE FOREST | Impressions/Thoughts/Review15:45124
2018-08-05United Kingdom JampadThe Forest: Bad Review (Spoilers)7:22774
2018-07-05Sweden LudocriticismEnable, Don't Show: The Forest | CRITIQUE/REVIEW25:201,396
2018-06-03 GameSpotThe Forest Review6:20158,051
2018-05-23United States Forge LabsThe Forest After 4 Years of Early Access - Forge Labs1:28:2410,814
2018-05-16United States TeamSmoresTeamSmores Reviews - The Forest5:1323
2018-05-11 Infinite BacklogThe Forest Review8:402,346
2018-05-04Germany GamersGlobalThe Forest: Überlebenskampf auf der Kannibaleninsel (Review, German)8:2375,238
2018-03-16 GamejackThe Forest - Review5:10563
2018-02-26United States ANPA USThe Forest Gameplay Review Part I29:23935
2017-11-30United States GildedThe Forest Review - Early Access First Look9:011,061
2017-09-20United States jackarsnelJack Reviews: The Forest5:4252
2017-01-29Australia GmanLivesThe Forest PC Game Review (V0.53c)7:37143,601
2016-04-14Germany Spiele-AkteThe Forest - Test / Review (Deutsch)6:0515,901
2016-02-06United States Absintian NightmareThe Forest | Horror Movie Review8:5971
2014-10-17 Locke VincentThe Forest Review2:22215
2014-06-20France Shinra SetoraThe Forest - Alpha v0.02 Review (1/3) (FR Commentary)20:3567
2014-06-05Sweden MattiAceGaming #2The Forest - Review and initial thoughts10:13375
2014-05-30Canada Alzu GamingThe Forest Walkthrough Part 1 Let's Play No Commentary 1080p HD Gameplay Trailer Review14:0031,141