33 Easter Eggs In Marvel What If Episode 6 BREAKDOWN + Iron Man 2008 & Black Panther Small Details

33 Easter Eggs In Marvel What If Episode 6 BREAKDOWN + Iron Man 2008 & Black Panther Small Details

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We have a new What if episode and it’s packed with easter eggs, so here’s everything you missed in what if episode 6

The entirety of the beginning, right up to where killmonger rescued tony stark plays out the same way in the opening of the first 2008 Iron man movie
We find out that Killmonger infiltrated the ten rings operation that was to assinate tony, the same ones who were going to first kidnap him and use him to make a jericho missile
When the pair walk away from the fight, Killmonger’s main theme music begins to play from Black Panther
We get the Iron Man cave shot
Followed by the Avengers team up shot
Finished by the Endgame shot of Tony snapping
We all remember Obidiah Stane from the first iron man movie, this time thwarted by Killmonger
We get the same I saw young Americans killed by the very weapons that I created speech from iron man except this time tony doesn’t stop weapons manufacturing
New chief security officer killmonger - we know happy was to be promoted to that in iron man 3
Christine Everheart is back from the first iron man movie
Tony is wearing his red shirt and slicked-back hairstyle from his time in iron man 1 when he was in the casino; the same costume
In this, Rhodes is the one to tell us about Killmonger and his resume instead of Everett Ross giving us his backstory in military in Black Panther
Peace means having a bigger stick than the other guy is what Killmonger tells us Howard Stark said, we know that Iron Man said that from the first iron man film
Killmonger talks of his dad dying from gang violence, we know that T’Chaka killed him during his time as black panther
Tony compares the drones to Gundam, which is an anime reference
When testing the drones, Tony records it except that in iron man he used the recording when testing the flight capabilities of the suit
Tony floats the idea of creating a miniaturized arc reactor to power the drones, but quickly dismisses it, except we know it to be possible
Tony says pops used up the last of vibranium during the war, we know Howard used that on cap’s shield
When launching the vibranium out in holographic form, it mirrors the same scene when Iron Man discovers the new element from Iron Man 2
Klaue comes from the same salvage yard that he was introduced in from age of ultron
T’Challa has his same 2016 Civil War Black Panther suit
Killmonger is wearing the same blue earbuds that omit the sound from the sound device that killed Rhodey and T’Challa - those earbuds were worn by Stane when he tried killing Tony
You all remember General Ross, hard to miss him, but it is 2008, meaning he isn’t secretary yet, and hasn’t experienced the events of the incredible hulk yet
Iron Man has the entire malibu apartment with the same lock up defense system that he equipped the avengers compound with
The drones have 08 on them, a reference that our story picks up in 2008
Klaue says Wakandans are full of surprises, we know that Klaue was surprised when Killmonger revealed himself to be a Wakandan in Black Panther right before Klaue was killed - similar to this episode’s events
We get a similar scene from black panther where killmonger shows up with a dead klaue, this time the doras finding him
Killmonger talks about the sunsets of Wakanda - we know that was important to him in the Black Panther movie as well
The drones of course resemble the idea that hammer did in iron man 2
When the drones charge up and come back online, they emit the sound that iron man makes when charging up his repulsor before each shot
We get the same Wakanda Forever line said by Killmonger many times
Killmonger tells T’Challa, “For all my brothers and sister who suffered oppression while you just sat back and watched” - which is a line he said in Black Panther too
Lastly, you can see his suit is different from his movie one, it’s more of a combination of his movie version and T’Chaka’s

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