4-Panel Vol. 2 Issue 29 - Comics that Deserve more Love

4-Panel Vol. 2 Issue 29 - Comics that Deserve more Love

Published on ● Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6f9qU3Et_Kw

Toukiden 2 (2016)
Duration: 1:04:37
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4-Panel rides back into town for another round-up of graphic literature goodness, and this week Andrew (the Comics Sage), Mick (Old Man Comics), are having a chat about comics that deserve more love and attention. Meanwhile, Producer Rob (Got Lost At The Checkout), has manga. Lots and lots of manga ...

There's a lot of titles to go through so make sure you have your notepad ready.

After that the gang get back to business with the things that they've been reading, which are Bedtime Games, Ether: Copper Golems, the third volume of Space Boy, Daughters of the Dragon, and Defenders: Best Defence.

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