71. Kingdom of Georgia - EU4 Meiou and Taxes Lets Play

71. Kingdom of Georgia - EU4 Meiou and Taxes Lets Play

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Europa Universalis IV
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Duration: 20:52
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In this series I play as the Kingdom of Georgia, and seek to conquer the territory to the northwest along the Black Sea, to the west in Anatolia, to the south along the Mediterranean to the Red Sea, and to the southeast to the Persian Gulf.

Georgia starts out surrounded by religious enemies, including Catholics, Sunni’s and Shi’ites, and we must carefully navigate our way through troubled waters while expanding and converting heretics and infidels as we seek to build our Empire and reclaim the former glory of the Kingdom of Georgia.

The mod is Meiou and Taxes, and the submods are the court and education mod. These mods can be found on the Paradox forums.


A playlist with all the episodes from this series can be watched from here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBgFIiTKSgU&list=PLk63vHjrhOOR-pjzlvVHQjrSD_-vq3GBz&index=2&t=2s

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