Aliens vs Predator - ALIEN Storyline - Mission 3 Refinery

Aliens vs Predator - ALIEN Storyline - Mission 3 Refinery

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ALIENS are the most deadly species in the universe. Play as the very stuff of nightmares, the monster in the dark swarming forward with jaws like a steel trap and claws like blades.
Charakter: Specimen 6 is the playable Alien character in the game. Displaying intelligence in excess of most other Alien Warriors, Six was bred on BG-386 by Dr. Groves and his science team. Six is responsible for the Xenomorph outbreak, being the first to successfully escape containment and the Alien that releases the Matriarch.

ALIEN: Specimen 6
Come to Mama / Liberate the Matriarch
Komm zu Mama / Befreien Sie die Matriarchin

Breaking Quarantine / Escape from the Research Lab
Quarantänebruch / Fliehen Sie aus dem Forschungslabor

Grunt Hunt / Wipe out all of the Marines in the Colony
Marinejagd / Vernichten Sie alle Marines in der Kolonie

Under Pressure / Solve the riddle of the Ruins
Unter Druck / Lösen Sie das Rätsel der Ruinen

Grim Reaper / Harvest all available civilians in the Alien Campaign
Gevatter Tod / Infizieren Sie alle Zivilisten der Alien-Kampagne

Alien vs Predator / Create a new species
Alien vs Predator / Erstellen Sie eine neue Spezies

I Admire its Purity / Complete Alien Campaign on Hard difficulty setting
Diese Reinheit! / Schließen Sie die Alien-Kampagne im Schwierigkeitsgrad "Schwer" ab

Magnificent, Isn't It? / Complete Alien Campaign on Nightmare difficulty setting
Herrlich, nicht wahr? / Schließen Sie die Alien-Kampagne im Schwierigkeitsgrad "Albtraum" ab

Quite A Specimen / Destroy all 50 Royal Jelly Containers
Ein Prachtexemplar / Zerstören Sie alle 50 Gelée-Royale-Behälter


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