Arena of Evolution: Red Tides Gameplya- BEST AUTO CHESS FOR ANDROID & iOS (TURN-BASED STRATEGY)

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Auto Chess (2019)
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Arena of Evolution: Red Tides Gameplya- BEST AUTO CHESS FOR ANDROID & iOS (TURN-BASED STRATEGY)

Arena of Evolution: Red Tides is essentially Dota Auto Chess for mobile, and it's my new favorite long-play-session game because of its fun turn-based strategy gameplay and monetization that only focuses on cosmetics.

The concept is relatively simple; compete against 7 other players in a last-man-standing mini-tournament where we fight another player or NPC in every round. A the start of every turn, we get to buy and deploy one or more of the five random units available at the shop, and our units then start fighting the other player's units automatically on the chess-like 8x8 grid map.

We can only deploy a single unit in the beginning, but as our commander levels up by winning rounds, we get to deploy more and more units. As for the units themselves, a lot of strategy goes into finding synergies between them, and leveling them up by buying and merging 3 of the same unit in a single match.

An Arena of Evolution match can easily take 30 minutes, but the game is close to perfect from tip to toe; UI is great, graphics look neat, gameplay is exciting, and the monetization is 100% fair.

Total game size: 1.72 GB - Requires Online Access

Hope you enjoyed this Arena of Evolution: Red Tides gameplay video, which is the newest episode in my Mobile Gaming Quest (MGQ) of finding the very best mobile games every single day, sharing my first impressions with you fine folk!

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