ARK: Flying Dino Pen - Medieval Bird Tower (Speed Build)

ARK: Flying Dino Pen - Medieval Bird Tower (Speed Build)

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Building a tower with CKF on Valguero in ARK: Survival Evolved. The build has 4 small openings where small birds can fly through, and a few bigger openings for big birds like Griffins. This build is the 3rd base in the town I'm currently building. I plan to finish the town before the Genesis DLC is released. This video is a Speed Build and also includes the Timelapse from above and a base tour at the end. I hope you enjoy! Further down in the description is a link to some of my coolest builds as well as the soundtrack for this video.

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Minas Tirith from the Lord of the Rings
The Falcon Keep
Tek Star Pyramid
The White House
Castle Dragonheart
Desert Pyramid
Raptor Resort House
The Frozen Fortress

Quetzal Platform Pyramid
Forest Titan Treehouse Mansion
Desert Titan Sand Castle
Forest Titan Tek Treehouses
Mosasaurus Platform Base
Pirate Ship Platform Base
Titanosaurus Sky Castle

3 Beautiful Houses
5 Epic Medieval Castles
3 Motorboat Platform Bases

00:00 Finding Alice - Marc Jungermann
05:15 Heroica - Marc Jungermann
10:04 I'd Give the World for You - Utho Riley
13:52 Infinitum - Marc Jungermann
18:18 Bounty Hunter - Utho Riley
22:05 Falketind - Edvard Bolås

00:00 Góða Nótt - Alexander Nakarada
03:44 Morning Mood - Grieg
07:20 Wander - RhoMusic
09:35 Canon in D Major - Pachelbel
15:31 Cello Suite #1 in G - Kevin MacLeod
17:34 Ark: Extinction Ascension Theme - Gareth Coker
20:13 I'd Give the World for You - Utho Riley