Bandai America Gundam Infinity Series 1 RX-78-2 Gundam (Not Sponsored Honest Review)

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100% honest personal opinion. I didn't get this from Bandai or trying to sell these for my affiliates. Someone ask me to review this but I wasn't gonna spend a dollar on it either. This is a public video and my debt collectors will be screaming about buying none essentials ;)

Also I am not entire sold on the idea that these toy companies cares about the health of the consumers at all, I think the parts are made from ABS for structural reason. not many people from the toy industry watches my videos or knows the harmful effect of Phthalates/Plasticizers. Since this figure has significant ABS parts I am not throwing the plasticizedpvc, Phthalates, diethylhexyl hashtags on this one.

If you are new here, as of 2021 I don't accept sponsorships. I preferred not to shilling for the manufacturer or online retailer. Social media has created a false reality and consumers are not happy, when you have a bunch of people with no credibility getting paid to BS.. it has zero benefits for the consumers.

If these things are marketed to kids well you are still gonna have whiny kids. Kids are all over social media and they may not be as stupid as the marketing people thinks.

I wasn't expecting to see ABS plastic at all but I guess some people did their research on plasticizers/phthalates and made smarter decisions. In an alternate Universe if these are made 100% from ABS plastic for $12.99 I give it a higher rating.

These are just another Gundam line made for uninformed consumers or potentially disposable toys for kids. Lets kill the planet with more plastic trash yay! I honestly want to praise Bandai America for using ABS plastic instead of having their Chinese factory poop out more plasticized pvc, but that's as much kiss ass as Bandai America will ever get from me.

Not as terrible as I was expecting, I've seen most Gundam figure lines and I have to say this line is redundant and pointless. Bandai has the molds to the old MSIA line they could just reissue those. The articulation on this figure is comparable to something from 1998. See the Original MSIA figure in this video.

This figure has the slightly better articulation than late 90s MSIA figure, the articulation for MSIA figures has improved vastly over the 2000s to the level close to ROBOT Spirits. in my personally opinion the Consumers should be getting better figures in 2021 for $12.99 even from a no budget American subsidiary of the BIGGEST Toy company in the world.

Over all rating 6/10.

break down
-2 plasticized pvc, for this size I am sure it could be made 90% of ABS with vfin and Beam Sabers from plasticized PVC for durability.
-2 poor articulation, aside from kitbashing potentials.. this is plain and boring even for kids.
+3 abs plastic for core parts and good clean finish, figure actually looks good.
+3 build a figure parts, and accessories. this is a decent value.

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4 days agoBandai America Gundam Infinity Series 1 RX-78-2 Gundam (Not Sponsored Honest Review)