Call of duty Warzone

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Call of duty Warzone

Warning. This channel is not suitable for those aged under 18

A mix of random gaming, gaming music videos and planned missions/events. I try to play clean and fair gaming. I talk a lot of rubbish so don't take anything I say as fact. Also do not pay attention to anything I say while racing

lets keep it peaceful in the chat please. Any agro and you'll be timed out or banned.

Any PayPal donations go towards the channel. For example new games, equipment such as mics, cameras, steering wheels, VR and giveaways. Any superchat donations, I keep for myself after Youtube take their cut. All donations are appreciated and help the channel in some form. I would also like to do giveaways in the future. If you would like to donate please click on my PayPal link below.

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