Dead Rising 4 Frank Rising DLC【FULL GAME】walkthrough | Longplay

Dead Rising 4 Frank Rising DLC【FULL GAME】walkthrough | Longplay

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Dead Rising 4 Frank Rising is an action adventure video game released as DLC for Dead Rising 4. The story continues after the ending of the main game, where Frank falls off the helicopter and is swarmed by douzens of zombies transforming him into an evo zombie. That gave him new abilities like pouncing, acid spit, battle roars and feasting on brains. After being captured and encamped into the local military facility he was immediately recognized by a scientist and offered him a second chance for testing a new cure for the zombie virus. With that, Frank's new quest is to find the vaccine and to reverse the zombie virus before it fully takes control of his mind. dead rising 4 frank rising full walkthrough gameplay movie cutscenes longplay
0:00:00 Joining the Hunt
0:05:19 Learning the Ropes
0:12:51 Making a List
0:35:14 Building a Cure
0:46:52 Getting out of Dodge
0:16:10 Purging the Parasite

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Developer: Capcom Vancouver
Publishers: Capcom, Microsoft Studios
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Release Date: 2017
Genre: Action, Adventure

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