Downtown Central Business District with huge skyscrapers [PBHDC, Ep.11][ Cities: Skylines]

Downtown Central Business District with huge skyscrapers [PBHDC, Ep.11][ Cities: Skylines]

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Cities: Skylines
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Pro builds his Dream City in Cities: Skylines Ep: 11 [Campus DLC]

Today we're building the Central Business District with all its skyscraper and luxury apartment blocks. For that I built a massive road layout in the last episode.

In my new vanilla Cities: Skylines series I build my dream city without mods.
Pro is a fictional character from the Noob VS Pro VS Modder series.

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Map: Celtic Shores by MrMiyagi
Map Theme: Springwood Map Theme
LUT: Relight Cool
Graphical Mods:
Clouds & Fog Toggler - Can disable clouds, distance fog, industrial smog
Sharp Textures - make textures sharper
Ultimate Eyecandy 1.5.1 - A wealth of visual settings at your fingertips
Relight - Rebalanced and customizable lighting and tone mapping
Post Process FX v1.9.0 - Enable additional post-processing effects
Dynamic Resolution - Better Graphics (only used for cinematics)
Daylight Classic - Brings back classic white daylight color

Mod collection:


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