Dragon Age Inquisition | The Descent Theme

Dragon Age Inquisition | The Descent Theme

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Duration: 3:03
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“The Legion's pretty straightforward. We keep the darkspawn out of Orzammar. And we're sodding good at it.” - Renn

The Inquisitor ventures into the unknown Deep Roads. The time to fight darkspawns is upon the player.

This DLC is a pure work of art and if the devs see this, I sincerely congratulate them for doing such a great job. This one is the best DLC I have ever seen. Not many DLCs actually give such a rich content. 100% recommend playing this!

- The main theme of DAI: The Descent DLC featuring my gameplay (contains inevitable spoilers).

Editor - Novmaryllis [ Scarlet Maire]
Song: Descent - Main Theme by Trevor Morris
Game: Dragon Age Inquisition: The Descent

Please be informed that this video is fan-made, it isn't associated with the musical artist or the game company! Hope you enjoy!