Dungeons & Dragons & Pedophiles, Nintendo Makes Movies, Gaming Meme Review #3

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Team Fortress 2
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Memes are back on the menu boys!

Its Cali Vali's meme review where we review memes and also find out about whats going on in the gaming world. This isn't your premium news source at all, but its definitely one of the funnier ones, Id hope.

Todays topics are:

Dungeon AI and its pedophile ring, Team Fortress 2 or TF2 and it kicking out female players, and Nintendo working with illumination to make a Super Mario Movie

Is anyone excited about that? Dang... I really am but i'm also worried it wont workout lol

alright thats it

check me out everywhere as Cali Vali

See you next week for more Gaming memes and news

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2021-05-09Dungeons & Dragons & Pedophiles, Nintendo Makes Movies, Gaming Meme Review #3

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