Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers - The Path of Ambition | Part 12

Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers - The Path of Ambition | Part 12

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We fight Cao Cao in this battle, coming in with the rest of his forces after his last failed attempt to take the castle. Much like before this is a defensive battle, but you can lose it quickly.

I say this because of Xun Yu, who has an ambush happen later on where 3 enemy officers spawn near your commander, Tao Qian, and can kill him easily in just 3 attacks. So if you aren’t there to protect him right away, you’ll lose.

The northern side is also plagued by NPC peons getting in the way of your two units that start there, preventing you from getting inside to take out the enemy peons and reach Xiahou Dun before he decides to rush Tao Qian.

Fortunately, you can end the battle prematurely by defeating Cao Cao. Cao Cao is higher leveled than everyone else, protected by his allies, and in Hyper Mode, but you can still take him out fairly easily with Synchro Attacks and musous.

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