Final Fantasy VII Remake INTERmission Chapter 1: Wutai's Finest - NG+ POWER Playthrough with CACSTAR

Final Fantasy VII Remake INTERmission Chapter 1: Wutai's Finest - NG+ POWER Playthrough with CACSTAR

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Final Fantasy VII Remake
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ADVISORY: Contains some language. Timestamps are provided below.

Playing through the entirety of chapter 1 (Wutai's Finest) with LV50 Yuffie/Sonon and upgraded weapons featuring Yuffie's DLC Cacstar (which is NOT worth the premium price for your information). As usual with this playlist, the game is set on Easy and ignoring (most) optional stuff to focus on story.

Up until now I always processed my videos with Handbrake to manage file sizes but I decided to try NOT doing that this time as I want to conserve quality to the max.

INTERmission has more of a focus on expecting you to block than the main game does. I prefer dodging and aggression but dodging isn't that great here and is lacking for i-frames. On the plus side Yuffie can air-dodge. Her air game is excellent, even better than Tifa's. Yuffie is excellent for range as well even against Barret, and she's fast. A very good candidate to main in Remake 2 at this rate.

Planning on uploading Chapter 2 (final) tomorrow!

NOTE TO FRAME-RATE FANS: This is a game that can be played in 4K or at 60fps. I did initially try to do a 60fps recording but the capture card I use for that was more stubborn than I could be bothered with seeing as I personally am "frame-rate-blind" anyway, so the game is set to Graphics.

0:00 - Start
2:33 - Cacstar view
3:12 - Gameplay start - Sector 7 Slums Outskirts
9:48 - Scrap Boulevard
10:25 - Sector 7 Slums - Meeting Avalanche
14:22 - Chatting with Nayo
16:44 - Chatting with Billy Bob
18:20 - Chatting with Polk
19:22 - Fort Condor
24:40 - Recon
25:09 - Chadley - Ramuh summon
28:00 - Recon continued
28:20 - Old Snapper Happy Turtle fliers intro
30:10 - Concluding recon
30:30 - Meeting Sonon
33:24 - Following Nayo
34:37 - Splinter Cell (Barret etc) show up
36:58 - Following Nayo
38:40 - Meeting some Don Corneo lackeys
41:20 - Following Nayo
41:44 - Nayo's destination - getting Interplate ID
43:25 - Heading back
43:57 - Change of plans: Destination S7 Pillar
44:24 - Following Nayo
44:47 - Zhijie in trouble
45:09 - Finding Zhijie
1:03:31 - Saving Zhijie - Yuffie unmasked - Gigantipede boss
1:11:17 - To the train
1:13:23 - Boarding the train - Sonon's sister Melphie story

INTERmission Chapter 2:

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