ForeVR Bowl | Lost City Bowl (Atlantis)

ForeVR Bowl | Lost City Bowl (Atlantis)

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"Game night is back like never before! Take your pick from over six alleys (1990’s hall, the Moon, Tiki Island, and more!) and have a blast with friends and family in an experience like no other in VR. Bowl solo or invite a crew to join in an immersive landscape complete with unique soundtrack and fun easter eggs. Enjoy casual competition or join the tournament ranks unlocking over 100 collectable balls, each with its own unique throwing style and just a little bit of spice."

My husband and I got to check out the new bowling alley coming to ForeVR Bowl: Lost City Bowl aka Atlantis! We also checked out the new bowling balls that are coming with the update.


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2021-07-21ForeVR Bowl | Lost City Bowl (Atlantis)