Gotham Knights - Tricorner Island Historia Strigidae (3)

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Video showing the locations of all Historia Strigidae located in Tricorner Island in Gotham Knights. There are three to find here.

Historia Strigidae become available to collect after you've encountered the Court of Owls in the story. You'll be prompted to collect the first one in Gotham's graveyard and after that you can start looking for others throughout the city. You'll know you're near one when you see a Court of Owls chalk symbol (they are highlighted in AR mode). The caches themselves will be in a nearby wall and have a chalk symbol and a small hole you can interact with. These are NOT marked on the map or highlighted in AR so they can be easily overlooked.

There are 42 total to collect and you can check your map to see if you have any left in any particular area. Collecting them all earns the Read Owl About It achievement/trophy

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