GTA 5 Online Adversary Mode Hunting Pack  Remix VI

GTA 5 Online Adversary Mode Hunting Pack Remix VI

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Grand Theft Auto V
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GTA 5 Online Adversary Mode Hunting Pack Remix VI

"Hunting Pack (Remix) challenges a Runner to pick up speed and maintain it all the way to the deactivation zone to prevent an onboard bomb from detonating. If the Runner drops below the minimum speed for too long, the round comes to a swift and explosive conclusion. Attackers do all they can to bring the Runner to a halt, while a team of Defenders must protect the Runner at all costs."

Players are divided into two teams; Attackers and Defenders. One player will be selected for the Runner position; this player will be in control of the "hunted" vehicle, usually a large, slow, or otherwise challenging vehicle. Attackers are tasked with bringing the truck to a stop, or reducing its speed for enough time before it explodes. The truck is rigged with an explosive device that will trigger when the vehicle passes under a certain speed, and the driver has only 10 seconds to bring the vehicle back up to speed before the explosive detonates.

The overall style of the mission is identical to the original adversary mode, Hunting Pack, but is "remixed" with new vehicles, including several Weaponized Vehicles, rocket powered vehicles, such as the Vigilante and Scramjet, and a slightly different choice of both weaponized and custom trucks, including the Speedo Custom and Dune. A significant difference between the standard and Remixed variant of the mission is that the remix maps take place at height, above the map, on large, colorful platforms with numerous props and neon displays guiding the way to the destination

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