Halo MCC NEWS | Crossplay Soon,Mods,Acrophobia Skull Changes

Halo MCC NEWS | Crossplay Soon,Mods,Acrophobia Skull Changes

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In this part 2 video I cover new Halo MCC news like new features coming to Halo MCC in the coming weeks. Halo MCC crossplay may be coming sooner than you think. We also get an update on a Halo MCC crash fix. Halo MCC PC split screen is also coming but is further away it seems. As far as Halo MCC PC mods are concerned it seems 343 may be close to further support. Make sure to subscribe for all your Halo MCC on PC needs and Halo news!

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0:00 - Intro
1:08 - Top Reported Issues
3:11 - Global Features Status (Crossplay,etc)
6:14 - Seasons Update
6:51 - Mod Support Update
7:48 - Acrophobia & Alliance Nameplate Changes
9:36 - Outro

343 Blog:
Halo Support Site:

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