Hotshot Racing: GP4 Hotshot (PS4)

Hotshot Racing: GP4 Hotshot (PS4)

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So I got to take part in a closed Beta of Hotshot Racing on the PC back in July and I put my thoughts about the early version of it into a video here:

This is my first time playing the actual retail version of it, and for this I've now swapped from my PC to the PS4. At present the PC doesn't have any wheel support, although apparently it's being considered, so the PS4 version made more sense to me for simple pick up and play gameplay over the PC game. I'm using the PS4's in-built video capture option here, which unfortunately means the video is only 30fps and also a lot more low quality looking than my previous uploads of the PC version, but I can confirm that the PS4 game looks every bit as nice as the PC beta did. In fact it's actually a bit better...

One of the things I'd noticed in the PC Beta was that the frame rate dropped at times when things got busy. Whether that was just down to the nature of the game still being in its beta stage or a byproduct of the video capture software I was using I'll never really know, but I'm happy to report that the game maintains a rocksteady 60fps on my PS4

The drifting also seems a bit slicker to me in this compared to the beta, although that could just be in my imagination or down to the cars I'm using. By slicker, I mean that in the beta there were a few times I felt a bit like I was in danger of oversteering when I was initiating a drift, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. So far I've only played the game in it's normal mode, but the speed and the AI difficulty both increase in hard and expert mode.

One thing that doesn't seem to have been addressed, which irked me a bit in the beta, is the fact that sometimes you'll end up with a CPU car right on your arse and if they clip your rear bumper in a certain way, it can end up making your motor suddenly pivot 90 degrees sideways, normally straight into a wall.

Don't let that put you off though, I think this is a great game, especially for the price.

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