Hyrule Warriors (Switch): Termina Map B3 - Lana's Skull Kid's Clothes

Hyrule Warriors (Switch): Termina Map B3 - Lana's Skull Kid's Clothes

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Hyrule Warriors
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"Win the KO competition!"

Completion Reward: Lana's Skull Kid's Clothes

While Lana's Spear is probably not the best choice, it fits the recommendation for the mission. Also, it's just fun to make the Great Deku Tree appear under a large group of enemies.

The Rogue Forces are pretty intimidating at first seeing as you're dealing with Impa, Zelda and Link with red auras, but if you have a fairy with a stack or two of Bombos with its attack, they turn into mush from their weakened defense. This goes for the Giant Bosses that show up as well. Have fun!

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