Inferno King Grimm is Kind of Crazy...

Inferno King Grimm is Kind of Crazy...

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Duration: 3:43
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Defeating Inferno King Grimm, a modded version of Nightmare King Grimm by Nickc01 ( ) that makes the fight slightly more challenging by modifying Grimm's attacks to become more intense as the fight goes on.

As his first mod, this one's really impressive. The pufferfish phases are much more interesting and that new dive move is awesome. His health is a bit low but that makes this a good fight for trying out modded bosses as opposed to others noted for extreme difficulty.

Overall, it's a really great fight and one you should try.

To play this you'll need to install InfernoKingGrimm and WeaverCore on the modinstaller for it to work. Infinite Grimm will need to be installed to do this fight in Dirtmouth (but it should work in Godhome without needing Infinite Grimm).

The modinstaller can be obtained at

You can also get the modinstaller at the HK Discord at (check modding discussion pins)

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