Keywii Plays Billion Road (62) Season 2 W/The Friend Zone

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Duration: 20:25
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Whoa, that was weird, it's like the world reset or something. Well Season 2 is a go!

Alexandra 'Keywii' has been around the block many, many times, she wasn't the best at money in her original life, but she was a pro at Monopoly and Hotels.

This time Keywii and her trusty side-kick Hero have found themselves in Japan of all places. But that's not all, with them is a familiar Pink-haired celebrity, and a quiet though cunning ebony-coloured Sable. The two newish faces seem a touch unused to how to play the game, perhaps a bit hesitant. They don't have the experience of Keywii and her Hero, but they'll learn.

It's a free-for-all across the Japanese island and the only thing to lose is time. But for the ultimate goal? For 1 Trillion Yen? Well let's just say there can only be one winner standing with the trophy, who will it be? Stay tuned to find out.