Let’s Play BG2 EE #32: Following the Clues

Let’s Play BG2 EE #32: Following the Clues

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Though we did come to the bridge district to solve a mystery, we’ve stumbled upon a second one we can look into if we so choose. Fortunately there are a number of people about in the district that can help us in our investigations by giving us clues that’ll help us deduce just what happened, things that the guard haven’t been able to suss out yet for one reason or another. The answers are easily within reach, we need only ask the right questions of the right people to find them. Unlike in many novels of the genre, the culprit won’t surrender to the authorities upon being rumbled and that’s where us being adventurers will come into play.

Some quests take you beyond the walls of the city and out to other places. We’ve got a few such quests already in our quest log and while we could easily go and start on them now, there’s no rush; there are still more than enough quests within Athkatla to keep us busy. We don’t even have to do most of them before finding out where Imoen is if we don’t want to, something I didn’t know until someone informed me of the fact. Though we’ll leave Athkatla for a time once we pay for the information, we will return much later and get a second chance to complete those quests. As it stands, I want to be as thorough as possible and get most of them done before then.

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