Let's Play Fortnite // Hunting the Hunter Himself!

Let's Play Fortnite // Hunting the Hunter Himself!

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Fortnite (2017)
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As soon as I finished editing this, I posted it. So yes that means my lazy ass is catching up with old videos I had on my hard drive for years. I mean technically this was last year but I have many others that are 4+ years old. Anyway, love the skins and this event so much I wish I could continue playing this but NOT as a Fortnite game. I really hate the building and even today, the day this is posted, I can't build for the life of me.

The WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and LOKI series were all great I loved them so much. I think Falcon and the Winter Soldier was the best up until the last episode of LOKI. The last episode really saved LOKI in my personal opinion. Episode 2 and 3 felt like really really long set ups and it's not really rewatchable to me. I thought the Rick and Morty writers would have had LOKI interact with his literal self as an actor many times like Rick does but he only met his other exact variant 1 time, President Loki, who was disappointingly a clown weakling. Sylvie was able to disrupt multiverses but can't fight for the life of her, not even enchant the guy literally strangling her, whatever tho. I still liked the ending and can't wait for more!

Black Widow was really really dark and voilent as hell, I LOVED IT! So glad the movie went the way it did. It gives me huge hopes for Deadpool, the X-Men, and possibly Fantastic 4 even if they're not that truly violent. I definitely want to see more John Walker being a psycho American killer putting blood on Steve's Shield. That rocked me so hard I need more of that! Deluded Soldier Killer sounds so badass.

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1 day agoLet's Play Fortnite // Hunting the Hunter Himself!

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