Let's Play: Tank (Battle City) - Video Game Memories

Let's Play: Tank (Battle City) - Video Game Memories

Published on ● Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9vlPyJCIGQ

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Duration: 12:57
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On this episode of Retro Video Game Memories we are doing a Let's Play of Tank (Battle City), on the Terminator console - the Nintendo NES Famicom clone (FamiClone).
0:00 Welcome back to Retro Video Game Memories
0:13 Stage 1
1:00 Stage 2
1:45 Stage 3
2:43 Stage 4
2:55 Stage 49
3:46 Stage 50
4:45 Stage 1
5:47 Stage 2
6:55 Stage 3
7:46 Stage 4
8:31 Stage 5
9:30 Stage 6
10:33 Stage 7
11:37 Stage 8
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