Let's Stream (Monday) Ys VIII Part 6

Let's Stream (Monday) Ys VIII Part 6

Published on ● Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tm3cJ6t1NfI

Duration: 2:05:59
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2: Please be respectful of other peoples opinions (MODS: Warning - Timeout - Ban.)

3: Do not ask for my Friend Code or to join the Stream (MODS: Warning - Warning - Warning - Timeout - Ban.)

4: Do not be disrespectful to moderators for what they're doing (MODS: Warning - Timeout - Ban.)

5: If you have been banned do not send friends or family members our way to get you un-banned. (MODS: Ban.)

6: Any personal or serious issues, please keep them out of the stream. (MODS: Timeout - Ban.)

7: Do not ask to be a moderator. (MODS: Warning - Timeout - Ban.)

8: Do not ask or demand us to ban someone else in the stream unless you have a justifiable reason for making such a request. (MODS: Timeout - Ban (If no reason is provided.))

9: If a moderator or myself is dealing with a situation, do not add in your own voice into the manner, it's not your place to do so, nor are you involved and the situation will get worse from there. (MODS: Timeout - Timeout - Ban.)

10: Please do not comment in all capitals, especially when feeding for attention. (MODS: Warning - Warning - Warning - Timeout - Ban.)

11. Any and all song requests are permitted through donations only. (MODS: Just mention this rule to them, only take needed action if it escalates.))

12: No RolePlaying in the comments. (MODS: Warning - Warning - Timeout - Ban.)

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