Molly and Roslina Hurts Roy's Feelings on Her 14th Birthday and Gets Grounded

Molly and Roslina Hurts Roy's Feelings on Her 14th Birthday and Gets Grounded

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Grounded (2020)
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Note: Credits Goes To Many Users For The Idea!, and Rudrani Roy, If You're Watching This, Happy 14th Birthday To You!

FULL TITLE: Today is Rudrani Roy's 14th Birthday, But, Molly and Roslina Can't Deal With The Fact That Roy-Chan Deserves A Happy Birthday More Than SuperstarLuna on This Month (Which is September), So, Molly and Roslina Decided To Hurting Rudrani Roy's Feelings on Her 14th Birthday By Yelling Wishing Her Unhappy 14th Birthday To Roy-Chan, After Molly and Roslina Yelling-Wishing Her Unhappy 14th Birthday, Roy-Chan Is Crying, When Smarty Talks To Roy-Chan Saying "Roy-Chan, Are You OK" And Roy Says "No, I'm Not OK, Why?, Because Molly and Roslina Hurts My Feelings on My 14th Birthday", Afterwards, Smarty Marina (COP6472's OC Characters) Calling Molly's Parents on Molly, and Rosie For Roslina, After That, Molly and Roslina Got Grounded For A Week By Ms Peterson (For Molly) and Rosie (For Roslina)

Original Recording Date: 9/15/2021

This video was made for fun, and it's not meant to be taken down in the first place.


Credits To Everyone!


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2021-09-15Molly and Roslina Hurts Roy's Feelings on Her 14th Birthday and Gets Grounded

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