Neptunia Virtual Stars - Towa Kiseki Ep. 3: Shape the World

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This Episode's Featured Vtubers:
@香桃 紅 / Kato Beni【電子妖精計画】
@インサイドちゃん -INSIDEChan Sisters-
@Noel Ch. 白銀ノエル
@Aqua Ch. 湊あくあ
[Graduated] @Pinky Pop Hepburn Official

Finally, I end Towa Kiseki's campaign. I hope you have taken a liking to her now and please take the time to subscribe to her, cause you know, I wanna spread the word?

Chapters/Time Stamps:
0:00:00 Introduction
0:02:05 Finishing Exploring Twinia
0:17:57 Something's Sus
0:19:24 We found the Tweet!
0:20:08 Vs. The One In the Way (Flames)
0:23:55 A Better Twitter Handle
0:28:47 Exploring Gaminion as Towa (For Reals)
0:41:05 Are you sure you don't make games?
0:44:47 The Last Memory
0:45:47 Vs. The One In The Way (Merrymaking)
0:49:08 Last Piece of the Puzzle
0:51:22 I'm still not done!
0:51:42 Duplicates and the Truth
1:00:43 Vs. The One Who Duplicates the World - COPY
1:04:31 I'm Taking You With Me
1:12:02 Exploring the Core
1:20:37 Hasta La Vista, Copied World
1:22:39 Credits
1:27:47 Post Credits Scene like it's Mahvel!
1:28:47 Conclusion and Endscreen

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2021-09-15Neptunia Virtual Stars - Towa Kiseki Ep. 3: Shape the World