New Zone Panoptichron LOL! I Saw More Of It Than I Ever Wanted Too! #OneAndDone MARVEL SNAP

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Link Your Account I have A video on it I think. Right Here Then Go To Twitch And Watch A Video That At the top of the chat on the right shows the progress bar going then it will work after that goes to zero then you wait the X amount of hours in the video it can be muted and it will still work xD

Watch 2 hours to earn: 65 Random Boosters
Watch 4 hours to earn: 350 Credits
Watch 6 hours to earn: Mister Sinister and Bishop X-Men ‘97 Variants

Dev Notes(Recommended)

White Dev Notes

Patchnotes about the borders and latest character changes

New Zone +2 For Cards Not Starting In Your Deck

Here's The Official New Season Video Its Mutant Time AGAIN!

Your Next SpotLight Cache Is: Nocturne A really fun card(I'm using her in a Silver Surfer Deck with only Odin as the Asguardian buff.) Gameplay will be out soon! She is one of the most versatile cards seen her in many decks) Caiera(Top tier too!) Selene(One Of my Favorite to use.) and Random

May 7th: Baron Zemo – Series 5 Release
May 7th: Nocturne – Series 5 Release Current as of this video!
May 14th: Sage – Series 5 Release
May 21st: Namora – Series 5 Release
May 28th: Sasquatch – Series 5 Release

I Fought Proxima Midnight She's A Really Great Card Kind Of Better Than Wolverine In Discard Use Of Him!

New 9 Card Album With Faster To Get Rewards Another Step In The Right Direction!

They Need The Couple System But For Factions Of Cards When Together To Make Them Fair Against The Meta Non-sense Teams.

Your Next #SpotLight #Cache MockingBird, GhostSpider, Man-Thing, and Random

Buff Havok Please! Mutants Need A Team Synergy Buff Added By Prof X or X Amount Of Xmen on The Field Like Marvel Puzzle Quest!

Caiera Has #PerfectStyle #Variant What An #EPIC Character Design And Super powerful Game Changing Ability

Selene Is A Prof X Counter Against My Xmen Deck Its Brutal!

If Chang Chi Kills A Card It Doesn't count for the cards played Daily This is Outrageous as it says cards played not cards remaining at the end of the game. FIX This PLEASE! Anything that makes the dailies take longer is why the player count and twitch viewers have dropped so hugely! Make it count every card that has been played regardless of the cards survival just like it is worded in the daily. That is often the daily that takes me the longest to complete now I know why cause it is glitched...

New Dailies Reset at 7PM UTC

Mirage Most Likely Has a High Chance Of Stealing Death(whom is lower/no cost from mid to late game!) Which Is Why I Still Want Her!

In Conclusion #​DaysOfFuturePast #BestSeason #Ever Now They Just Need To Add a 6 Cost XGene Of Some kind that works great with Xmen, Xgene ect. That gets stronger for each Xgene on the field

@MarvelSnap Please Have The Final Turn Resolve after the Retreat so The dailies are easier to get done. E.I. They retreat then have the next turn fully play out/ make the cards shown from the winning perspective count for the dailies. By The enemy retreating they can ROB me the daily completions that should be happening cause I'm playing those cards. The Game mechanics would feel fully polished with that feature. It Took me AWHILE to get some of these done with the All Xgene mostly Xpeople decks.

With The New System that boosted me 5 ranks I got To #DiamondLeague #67 #GoldLeague 32 I Think was the highest it went before xD still super sad that this team just playing the dailes can't get to #Infinity only #OP Cheese Decks like destroy revive with OP 6 costs like Galactus Knull Hella can do it still She Hulk is also still very OP. The Game's balance is too far off I'm a Tourney Winning Duel Masters player so I know card game balance and when its off that's when a game dies. #MARVELSNAP Is the best card game since Duel Master's I've seen come out though! Its still in early access it can improve into a truly great game. There just needs to be more team synergy for the official marvel squads not just meta chasing the ideal cards for OP combo synergys.

You Get As Many Boosters that upgrade your cards for as long as the match is. I Finally Figured that out lol!

#FreeToPlay #Account #XGene #XMen #XPeople #MutantStrong #Deck Please Add #Deck #Synergy AKA Faction Buffs For All Xgenes to work together like what Marvel Puzzle Quest Had To Do to make them playable at all.

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