Ninja Girls and Tanks | Tiny Metal Full Metal Rumble | Rebus Plays

Ninja Girls and Tanks | Tiny Metal Full Metal Rumble | Rebus Plays

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Tiny Metal Full Metal Rumble is a game similar to the old Nintendo Advance Wars. You take on the role of a commander fighting against an Ai army. Different Commanders such as a ninja girl and a samurai join the team.

Battles take place on a grid and the game is turn based. Each unit excels in different areas and it is up to you to manage and set units.

Games only take a couple minutes and are fast.

From Steam:
TINY METAL: FULL METAL RUMBLE puts you in the boots of three unique commanders bonded by fate, each with their own squads to command and strengthen up on their quest to put an end to a new mysterious, rising threat.

Blaze through an exciting new TINY METAL story campaign and deliver devastating destruction to the opposing evil forces across open fields, mountain ranges, icy tundras and through the air.

Utilise the turn based strategy mechanics to outsmart your foe, capture and hold key resources such as factories and get your squad strategically placed to deliver high damage FOCUS FIRE attacks to help turn the tide of each battle.

Each commander has a special ability that can be activated to grant your squad additional stat boosts, from increased range, defence and more for when the fight gets heated.


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