Nintendo Switch ZELDA NEWS + NEW LEAKS...

Nintendo Switch ZELDA NEWS + NEW LEAKS...

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Nintendo Switch ZELDA NEWS and LEAKS, as some very exciting E3 2021 Nintendo Switch news just dropped! Highly anticipated Nintendo Switch games seem to be coming, as new Nintendo Switch leaks have hit the internet! Will these be a part of the E3 2021 Nintendo Direct? We've got exciting details, and new discussion on The Legend of Zelda 35th Anniversary and GameStop special event!

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How do you feel about these new Switch news stories? SwitchForce is the best place for all the latest news and Nintendo Switch leaks, and we've got you covered morning, noon, and night! While we wait for the new Nintendo Direct and the latest Switch leak, let's discuss Mario + Rabbids 2, these mysterious Zelda and Breath of the Wild 2 rumblings, plus more! What do YOU think the posters mean? Let me know in the comments down below!

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